The Michael Jackson trial took an unexpected turn last week after the King of Pop's child pal Wade Robson claimed the singer spent $35 million to silence 24 boys over molestation charges. Robson wants his lawyers to reach out to the FBI about secret documents from a private investigator that allegedly show how much Jackson spent on silencing his apparent victims.

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A choreographer and former child pal of the late King of Pop, Wade Robson ordered his lawyers on Sunday (June 30, 2013) to contact the FBI about secret documents that apparently prove Jackson spent $35 million to silence 24 young boys, sources tell the New York Daily News. "Wade knows that if he stands shoulder to shoulder with another accuser, he might be viewed more sympathetically," one of the sources said.

Robson, 30, first sued the Jackson estate in May, seeking court approval to file a late claim for years of sexual abuse that occurred whilst he was pals with his idol. "He feels his case could be helped if he could get another child or even more to come out and accuse Michael of similar crimes," the source said. "It has been over 20 years, but right now his prime concern is to build a case to show the world he is in the right."

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A separate source also claimed Jackson paid millions to cover up his affection for children, which was first reported in the UK's Sunday People. "Absolutely, people have been paid, there's no question," insisted one anonymous source. The money ranged from $2 million to some families and a massive £20 million to the family of Jordan Chandler, according to sources. Chandler settled a claim against Jackson in 1993 after befriending the singer when he was 13. 

A spokesperson for the Jackson estate is yet to comment on the allegations.