4. Bad (1987)

Michael Jackson Bad Single Cover

The title single from his 1987 album is one of the more 'edgy' of his biggest hits. Although it was initially meant to be a duet with Prince, it still worked out as one of his major landmark singles. It is accompanied by an 18 minute long video directed by Martin Scorsese and featuring a narrative about a boy from the 'ghetto' who comes back after a lengthy stay at a private school to find that he's not as 'bad' as he used to be. MJ has confirmed that it is in fact based on a true story that he read about in an article that ended much worse than his own version. It was at number one for 2 weeks in the US and was a major hit in Spain with 14 whole weeks atop the charts making it the most popular of his singles in that country.
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3. Say Say Say [ft. Paul McCartney] (1983)

Michael Jackson Say Say Say Single Cover

This collaborative single wasn't actually released on any Michael Jackson album but instead appeared on Paul McCartney's 'Pipes of Peace' record. It's technically not really 'featuring' one or the other, rather it is a duet that they chose to add to McCartney's album after 'The Girl Is Mine' went on to 'Thriller'. We felt that it had to be included, however, after it topped the US chart for 6 weeks. The music video was one that introduced the concept of a narrative to videos with McCartney and MJ playing two sly (albeit charitable) conmen called Mac and Jack.
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2. Billie Jean (1983)

Michael Jackson Billie Jean Single Cover

'Billie Jean' is widely considered as one of the most revolutionary songs of its time following its release on his 'Thriller' album and its video features some of Jackson's most incredible trademark dance moves. The storyline of the song has been subject to much debate with many analytical minds suggesting it is based on a woman who was hospitalised after harassing MJ for months over allegations that he fathered her twins despite him having never met her. He has, however, explained that it is in fact based on the numerous groupies he and his brothers encountered in Jackson 5. The song was initially slammed by co-producer Quincy Jones but ultimately won him two Grammys and featured in his famous (and disastrous) Pepsi commercial. Covers of this much-loved track have been done by punk band The Bates, Linx, Ian Brown and Chris Cornell; it was even performed by Westlife on their Face to Face tour.
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1. Black or White (1991)

Michael Jackson Black Or White Single Cover

This track is without doubt the world favourite topping the charts in 15 countries after its release in 1991, partly due to the fast growing globalisation of music sales in the early 90's. It featured on his eighth studio album 'Dangerous' and its counterpart video turned into an equally major hit. It wasn't without controversy, however; the last four minutes of the video were cut on MTV and similar networks after it showed the star performing a 'sexually suggestive' dance including numerous of his famous crotch grabs and him zipping up his flies. Despite the taboo performance though, it has been covered by 'Glee' in a 2012 episode and even parodied on several occasions by the likes of Weird Al Yankovic, hip hop outfit Das Racist and even rock group Genesis.
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They are not necessarily the most respected songs for die hard fans and this is not including the numerous hits he had with Jackson 5 such as 'I Want You Back', 'ABC' and 'I'll Be There' but it cannot be argued with that these are some revolutionary tunes for the music industry. There is always the possibility that MJ could even achieve a posthumous number one; it is not unlikely that one of his songs could be re-released in other circumstances.