Michael Jackson's cousin is auctioning off his alleged final IV drip.

Marsha Stewart says she took Jackson's IV drip - which she claims delivered the dose of Propofol that killed him in 2009 - from his bedroom after his death and she is now putting it up for sale.

According to TMZ, Marsha - who is a niece of Michael's late father Joe Jackson - alleges she spotted the IV bag in the rented Holmby Hills mansion where Jackson died and there was a ''white milk fluid'' inside it, which is consistent with Propofol and has now dissolved.

She added that she noticed blood on the IV and put it into her bag.

The IV is now being sold through Memorabilia Expert Auctions in Las Vegas, with a starting price of $2,500.

A message on the auction site reads that Stewart is selling: ''a Braun medical bag that was leftover from Jackson's LA Sunset house. According to Stewart, it was obtained from the Michael Jackson estate on Sunset after his death''.

The message continues: ''Now, could this be the IV that was used to administer the lethal dose of Propofol to Michael Jackson? This IV probably was not the one that was used to administer that dose, however, could more than likely have been, was used during his many treatments with Propofol. We believe if this was used as evidence for the trial against the doctor, Joe would not have been able to obtain it. However, within Joe's personal paperwork was the Minute Order 1/25/11 Case No. SA 073164 The People of the State of California vs. Conrad Robert Murray. Attached to the Copy of the Minute Order is the Superior Court of California Central Criminal Operations Debbie Kiger Business Card.''

Conrad Murray, Michael's personal physician, was found guilty of the involuntary manslaughter and served two years of a four-year prison sentence. He was released in 2013.