Michael Jackson's mother, Katherine Jackson, told a court her son never wanted "to be doing the moonwalk on stage" when he reached 50. The singer joked about this with his mother in the years before his death. Sadly he was forced, by his financial situation, into arranging his last tour 'This Is It' with AEG.

Katherine Jackson
Katherine Jackson at 
the World premiere of 'Michael Jackson One', Mandalay Bay Hotel, Las Vegas

The singer died in 2009 yet continues to make headlines. Most recently the news has surrounded the law suit filed by his mother and children against the concert promoter AEG. Katherine's revelation, reported by TMZ, was addressed to the court trying this case. The suit concerns whether AEG were negligent when they hired Conrad Murray: the doctor who was charged in 2011 of involuntary manslaughter, he had administered a lethal dose of anaesthetic to Jackson on the evening of his death.

The 'Thriller' singer was 50 when he died and Katherine's testimony refers to jokes made by her son in the years before his death. In her testimony, Katherine said she was surprised when her son announced his 'This Is It' tour because "he was always making a joke about he don't want to be doing the moonwalk on stage when he's 50 years".

Paris and Katherine Jackson
Michael Jackson's son, Paris, with Katherine at the World premiere of 'Michael Jackson One', Mandalay Bay Hotel, Las Vegas.

The pop star was, allegedly, virtually penniless before his decision to do the 'This Is It' tour. Reports in The Sun suggest his children have been left in narrow straits. They have a small allowance and will not receive their trust funds until Jackson's debts are fully settled. 

This latest revelation shows that the singer's concern for his financial state outweighed his unhappiness in performing. Some are seeing this statement as an advantage for AEG, who will be able to argue Jackson did not have long left as a performer. 

Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson at the 2006 World Music Awards, held at Earls Court, London.