Michael Jackson is under public scrutiny, once again, over four years after his death. Wade Robson, a former friend of Jackson, has contacted the FBI, claiming he has evidence which shows Jackson bribed those he molested into silence. 

Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson shopping in L.A. in 2008.

Choreographer and former friend of Michael Jackson, Wade Robson, contacted the FBI through his lawyers. A private investigator had compiled a series of secret documents which, allegedly, implicate Michael Jackson in bribing those he was accused of molesting. Apparently, $35 million is involved and had been used to silence 24 boys.

Wade Robson has previously come forward with information regarding Jackson. In May 2013, he filed a suit against the Jackson estate. He accused the late 'King of Pop' of molesting him. The molestation went on from 1990 until 1997. In 1990, Robson was 8-years-old and was 15 when the alleged molestation ended. 

Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson, at the Grammys in New York, in 1993 during the time Robson claims he was 'molested'. 

The information is not linked to Robson's case. It appears, according to The New York Daily News, that it was the families of the affected children who arranged the monetary deals with Jackson. The Daily News source said "Robson's family was not among the 24 who allegedly accepted secret cash payments from Jackson to keep quiet about molestation".

Robson's role in uncovering this evidence is because "he feels his case could be helped if he could get another child or even more to come out and accuse Michael of similar crimes", a source told The Daily News

Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson pictured shopping in L.A. in 2008.

Jackson's housekeeper, testifying at his trial in 2005, claimed she had seen her former employer in disturbing situations. The evidence she has was circumstantial but leading. Apparently, as reported in TMZ, she claimed she saw two pairs of underwear outside the shower:  Jackson's and a "little boy's neon green pair". 

If these new documents, even as heavily retracted as they are, are released Jackson's reputation will be further damaged. The most recent news on Jackson has been the on-going trial in which his family are suing AEG, the concert promoter, who were responsible for hiring Dr Conrad Murray. Murray was convicted of involuntary manslaughter in 2011.