Michael Jackson's body has been moved to a "secret freezer".

The singer's mother Katherine has ordered his embalmed remains be taken somewhere she can "visit him privately".

Before it was relocated, the body had been temporarily interred in the family crypt of Motown records founder Berry Gordy Jr. at Hollywood's Forest Lawn cemetery.

Last week, cemetery staff moved the corpse to a "cold room" in the basement of the nearby Freedom Mausoleum.

Once the body was secure, the gold casket was encased in Perspex to protect it from frost.

Katherine has visited Michael's body several times since it was moved, staying with her son until she is shaking with cold.

A source said: "She cries and says that she's sorry and that she loves him."

It is unclear when Michael's body will be permanently laid to rest.

Katherine is said to be refusing to bury her son - who died on June 25 - because she is scared crazed fans will desecrate or steal his body.

A family friend said: "She just can't bear to let Michael go. By keeping him in the freezer room Katherine feels like she can still talk to him and keep him close. The thought of burying him still fills her with dread."

Meanwhile, prosecutors are reportedly "having a difficult time" building a manslaughter case against Michael's personal physician Dr. Conrad Murray.

The star's autopsy report allegedly reveals the singer was taking a number of "potent drugs" at the time of his death.

This means that even if Murray admitted to administering the powerful anaesthetic Propofol - which was initially believed to have killed Michael - he may not be found responsible for the star's death if he could prove other doctors had prescribed other powerful drugs.

One Los Angeles deputy district attorney said: "You have to show that the doctor knew about all of these other doctors prescribing these other drugs. It's a classic problem."

Murray has yet to be charged with any crime, though his offices have been searched by police.