LATEST: Jurors on the Michael Jackson child molestation case are "stunned" to hear two fellow jurors claim they believe the singer was guilty of molesting teenage cancer sufferer GAVIN ARVIZO.

Jackson was found not guilty of all 10 counts of child molestation at the climax of the 14 week trial in Santa Maria, California in June (05).

This week (begs08AUG05), former jurors ELEANOR COOK, 79, and RAY HULTMAN, 62, claimed they regret allowing Jackson to go free, with Cook slammed the jurors for "letting a paedophile go".

Cook also alleged jury foreman Paul Rodriguez threatened to have her thrown off the case unless she agreed Jackson was not guilty.

One juror, SUSAN RENTSCHLER fumes to the New York Daily News, "I don't know about Ray, but I think Elly wants attention and she's trying to sell a book.

"It (the not guilty verdict) was not a done deal, by any means.

"Ray actually came over to the 'not guilty' side pretty early on. He realised that he could not convict Michael Jackson on his personal feelings alone."

Fellow juror MICHAEL STEVENS, 21, adds, "They've become traitors."

Another juror, who did not wished to be named, remarks, "I'm stunned. It's ridiculous. If you think anyone could tell Elly what to do, then you don't know Elly."