Michael Jackson's dad Joe has accused THIS IS IT filmmakers of "fooling" theatregoers by using body doubles to make the King of Pop's tour documentary.
The pop superstar passed away suddenly in June (09), just weeks before his highly-anticipated stage return in London.
A film documenting his rehearsals is set for release later this week (28Oct09) but his father is outraged that fans could be duped by footage he claims was performed by impersonators.
He says, "This movie features body doubles, no doubt about it. I think people will tear this movie apart."
And the Thriller star's sister La Toya, who has said she has "no plans" to watch This Is It, is devastated by the possibility her brother's last recorded performances are not genuine.
Her business partner Jeffre Phillips tells the News of the World, "I don't believe most of those shots were Michael. He wasn't well enough. I've seen clips where I even thought, 'That's not Michael's voice.' It's very upsetting for La Toya."