Michael Jackson's alleged abuse victim has cleared the KING OF POP's name by insisting the singer "never touched" him, according to the star's brother JERMAINE.
Jackson was the centre of a 13-month police investigation after Evan Chandler accused the Thriller hitmaker of molesting his son Jordan in 1993.
The star was eventually cleared of any wrongdoing in the courts, paying the then-teenager $22 million (£13.8 million) for "personal injuries arising out of claims of negligence" in return for dropping a civil suit against him.
Jordan has never spoken publicly about the case - but Jermaine claims the 29 year old has come forward since Jackson's death, admitting the late superstar never molested him.
And Jermaine believes Jordan's dad Evan committed suicide earlier this month (Nov09) because his guilt over the false accusations was too much to bear.
He says, "From the '93 case, they were accusing him (Jackson) of just the most horrible things. This kid's father has committed suicide because he just couldn't take it and now the kid has come forward and said Michael never touched him."
Officials ruled 56-year-old Evan Chandler's death a suicide after he was found with a gunshot wound to the head and a revolver in his hand at his home in New Jersey.