Pop superstar Michael Jackson is such a huge fan of Malcolm In The Middle, he once invited the show's star Frankie Muniz to visit him at his sprawling Neverland Ranch.

The 46-year-old BAD singer was reportedly thrilled when he met 18-year-old Muniz a few years ago, but while the actor was flattered, he turned down the chance to travel to Jackson's California abode.

He says, "Apparently, Michael is this huge Malcolm in the Middle fan. He says Malcolm reminds him of him as a child and all this weird stuff... I don't see the similarities there, but I was invited up. He said, 'Yeah just come up, it'll be fine.'

"I thought it was cool that he asked me to go, just 'cause it was like Michael Jackson. It was cool. I never went. I never planned on going."

The pair haven't met up since.

08/11/2004 09:18