Acquitted popstar Michael Jackson is demanding the return of pictures of his penis now his courtroom drama is over.

The THRILLER star is terrified prosecutor Tom Sneddon will leak the photographs out of spite, after losing the child molestation case to the troubled singer.

Sneddon asked Jackson's first accuser JORDY CHANDLER to draw a picture of the 46-year-old's genitals in 1993, because Chandler claimed the singer had a unique blemish on his member.

A subpoena was then served on Jackson's Neverland Ranch in California, which allowed police to take pictures of his penis to see if it matched Chandler's description.

And although the case was settled after Jackson agreed to pay $23 million (GBP12 million) to the Chandler family, prosecutors in Jackson's recent trial wanted to show jurors the pictures to prove his relationships with minors are "not casual".

But JUDGE RODNEY MELVILLE denied the request, because he felt it would be prejudicial to shock the jury with the pictures so close to the end of the trial.

And the pop superstar is now keen to have the pictures back, but Sneddon angrily denies possessing them - insisting they were put in storage in 1993.

Sneddon fumes, "It's just nonsense. I don't have those photos.

"Nobody can get them without a court order."

16/06/2005 14:08