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Paris Jackson Signs To IMG Modelling Agency

Paris Jackson Michael Jackson

Paris Jackson, the daughter of the late King of Pop Michael Jackson, has given her modelling career a significant shot in the arm by signing for IMG, one of the world’s top modelling agencies.

IMG and Jackson made the announcement to the world via social media on Thursday (March 2nd), with the 18 year old taking to her Instagram to say she feels “very lucky and blessed” for the opportunity.

She joins a roster that includes Gisele Bundchen, Kate Moss and sisters Gigi and Bella Hadid. In terms of the children of pop royalty, she’ll also be in the same modelling agency as Sir Mick Jagger’s daughter Georgia May Jagger.

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Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch Goes On The Market At Reduced Price

Michael Jackson

The vast Neverland ranch that belonged to the late Michael Jackson has gone back on the market in Los Angeles, albeit with its original asking price of $100 million lowered by a third to $67 million.

The sprawling property, consisting of 2,700 acres of park-like land outside Santa Barbara near the Saint Ynez Valley, surrounds a mansion built in 1982 by architect Robert Altevers. Measuring 13,000-square-feet, the central house features exposed beams, parquet floors, five fireplaces and a master wing complete with its own garden.

Michael JacksonThe late Michael Jackson's Neverland ranch is on sale for $67 million

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Madonna Reveals She Once Kissed Michael Jackson On 'Carpool Karaoke'

Madonna James Corden Michael Jackson

The new instalment of James Corden’s hugely successful ‘Carpool Karaoke’ proved to be a hit, as latest guest Madonna rode along with the British host and sang along with a selection of her smash hits from the ‘80s and ‘90s.

“I don’t like riding in a car unless there’s music,” she said at the start of the video as she appeared to promote her new Showtime tour film surrounding her last album Rebel Heart, which is released on December 9th.

MadonnaMadonna appeared on 'Carpool Karaoke'

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Alleged Michael Jackson Abuse Victim Makes Sensational New Claims

Michael Jackson

An alleged victim of the late Michael Jackson claims that the megastar operated “most sophisticated public child sexual abuse procurement and facilitation organization the world has known,” in sensational new court documents obtained by The Hollywood Reporter.

Celebrity choreographer Wade Robson apparently made the shocking claims in an amendment he made to a 2013 complaint he filed against MJJ Productions (Jackson’s entertainment company) and MJJ Ventures.

Michael JacksonMichael Jackson in 2008

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Michael Jackson's Estate Speaks Out Against Salacious Pornography Rumours

Michael Jackson

The Estate of Michael Jackson has made a statement condeming recent rumours that the late King of Pop stockpiled a disturbing and potentially illegal pornography collection. They have branded the tabloid reports as 'false' and describe the continued probing into his life a 'witch hunt'.

Michael JacksonMichael Jackson's estate deny latest gossip

Earlier this week, articles surfaced citing 'police reports' apparently from the Santa Barbara Country Sheriff's Department which featured a number of claims about a supposed pornography collection belonging to Michael Jackson. The collection was said to hold books, magazines, videos and images, including those of exposed children and animal torture. However, the Sheriff's Office have denied releasing any such evidence or documents to the media and claim that much of what has emerged this week has merely been obtained via the internet.

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JJ Abrams To Co-Produce Upcoming Michael Jackson Mini-Series

Michael Jackson Jj Abrams

As we approach the 7th anniversary of Michael Jackson's death, director J.J. Abrams and author Tavis Smiley announce that they are uniting to develop a TV show about the last few months of the King of Pop's life. It will be based on brand new book by Smiley himself.

Michael JacksonMichael Jackson's final days to play out in TV mini-series

Today (June 21st 2016), Tavis Smiley has unveiled his 'novelistic rendering' of Michael Jackson's last few months of life in the book 'Before You Judge Me: The Triumph and Tragedy of Michael Jackson's Last Days' through Little Brown and Co.. And with semi-fictional accounts of real celebrity events, such as 'The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story', becoming remarkably popular, it will later be turned into a mini-series with Smiley as executive producer alongside 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' director J.J. Abrams.

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Paris Jackson Gets Another Tattoo Honouring Late Father Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson

Paris Jackson, the 18-year-old daughter of the late Michael Jackson has added to her growing collection of ink, with another new tattoo honouring her late father. It’s the second tattoo Paris has got in tribute to her father, in the space of just two months.

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Taylor Swift Will Be The First To Receive The Taylor Swift Award

Taylor Swift Michael Jackson

Taylor Swift will the first recipient of a new Taylor Swift Award given at the BMI Pop Awards next month. The award marks only the second time in the BMI’s 76-year history that it has presented an award in somebody’s name – the first being to the King of Pop himself, Michael Jackson, in 1990.

Taylor SwiftSwifty will be the first to receive a very special award - the Taylor Swift Award

Taking place in Beverly Hills on May, 10, the 64th ceremony will celebrate Swifty’s creative talent and her global influence on her millions of music fans.

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Paul McCartney Attempts To Regain Control Of Beatles' US Publishing Rights

Sir Paul McCartney Beatles John Lennon Michael Jackson

Sir Paul McCartney has launched a bid to regain control of his share of The Beatles’ catalogue’s US publishing rights from Sony / ATV Music Publishing. Although he co-wrote the majority of the legendary band’s hits, McCartney has never actually controlled the publishing.

The US Copyright Act of 1976 allows living artists to apply to regain control of publishing rights 56 years after the material is first published. This means that the earliest songs in The Beatles’ catalogue become available in 2018.

According to Billboard, the 73 year old singer filed papers on 15th December 2015 with the US Copyright Office, requesting a termination notice for 32 songs. Most of these date from 1962-1964, though a handful date from much later, such as ‘Come Together’ which won’t be available until 2025.

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Michael Jackson's Death Was 'Murder' According His Nephew T.J. Jackson

Michael Jackson Paris Jackson

Michael Jackson's nephew T.J. Jackson appeared in court yesterday and has stated he believes his uncle was murdered. His thoughts stem from conversations he had with Michael shortly before his death.

Apparently Michael Jackson believed he would be murdered. T.J. said under oath that this belief was founded "because he did tell me and the brothers that he was going to be murdered on a couple of occasions". Michael does not appear to have been specific about who the perpetrator of the murder would be but he thought he was at risk because of "his position".

The law suit was first filed in 2010 by Katherine Jackson, Michael's Mother. She is suing concert promoter AEG for hiring Dr Conrad Murray as Michael's private physician. Prince and Michael Jackson's two other Paris and Blanket are also named as plaintiffs. 

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Justin Bieber Sued By Paparazzo, But Ex-Pet Monkey Is Released From Quarantine

Justin Bieber Selena Gomez Michael Jackson

Justin Bieber is being sued by a paparazzo over an alleged assault which occurred in May 2012.

The lawsuit was filed yesterday (Wednesday 16th June) by Jose Osmin Hernandez Duran, according to E!. The photographer claims Bieber kicked and punched him. Hernandez Duran was one of many photographers attempting to take the pop star's photograph as he left a L.A. shopping mall with then girlfriend Selena Gomez.

A variety of statements have been made both by Hernandez Duran and Bieber's representatives. L.A. authorities apparently investigated the incident but chose not to press charges.

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Michael Jackson's Death Anniversary: What Was His O2 Arena Set List?

Michael Jackson Paris Jackson

Michael Jackson's death anniversary should have been a moment of appreciation and remembrance. Appreciation at the King of Pop's lengthy stay at the very top of the pile of the finest entertainers and remembrance of his finest albums, singles and live shows. However, on June 25, 2013, attention in the Jackson camp was fixed firmly on the lawsuit against AEG, with the controversy surrounding the entertainer's death continuing to swirl.

Michael JacksonMichael Jackson Announcing His London O2 Arena Shows

Earlier this month, Jackson's 15-year-old daughter Paris was hospitalized after an apparent suicide attempt that involved an overdose of pills as well as a kitchen knife to cut her own wrists.

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Paris Jackson Is Victim Of Cyber Bullying, Comments On Facebook 'Destroyed Her'

Michael Jackson Paris Jackson La Toya Jackson

Paris Jackson has been bullied online which may have caused the teenager to self-harm, resulting in her hospitalisation, according to sources close to the daughter of Michael Jackson. At only 15, Paris is at risk of cyber bullying perhaps more than anyone else as she is in the public eye. The bullying extends far beyond her own circle of acquaintances as the rest of the world has plenty to say about her. 

A number of 'official' Facebook pages exist for Paris Jackson fans, of which she appears to have many. Whilst many offer supportive comments wishing the teenager well and for her health to improve, a few are highly critical making comments about Paris' relationship with her parents. 

On Paris' personal Facebook page accusations by acquaintances, according to TMZ, have centred on the relationship she shared with her father including references to molestation. 

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Michael Jackson Revealed His Eldest Children Were Fathered By Mark Lester?

Michael Jackson Paris Jackson Mark Lester

Michael Jackson revealed months before his death that he only fathered one of his three children, according to a new report. Jackson's youngest child, Blanket, is his natural son whilst British actor Mark Lester (most famous for playing the title role in the musical Oliver) is allegedly the biological father of his two eldest children: Prince and Paris. 

According to clinic worker Jason Pfeiffer, giving an interview in the Mirror, Jackson decided on Mark Lester as the sperm donor because "Michael felt Mark was one of his closest friends. He said he was a great actor and very good man". 

Furthermore Jackson does not appear to have been without choices in who should father his children as "he had taken several people's sperm and decided on Mark".

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Michael Jackson Needed The Tour To Buy A House, Says AEG

Michael Jackson

Catherine Jackson’s lawsuit against Michael Jackson’s concert promoter AEG continues and now the testimonies are going into the pop star’s deep, dark and personal secrets. At one point MJ was an extremely successful pop-star with bestselling records and Grammy award winning hits. But this was not the Michael Jackson of 2009. According to Randy Phillips, an executive at AEG, when planning his supposed comeback tour, the king of pop just wanted to make enough money to buy a permanent home for himself and his children. Jackson broke down in tears as he confided that he was tired of "living like vagabonds" — shuttling his family between a Las Vegas rental and a Bel-Air hotel, Phillips recalled, quoted by the LA Times. He also told the story of an emotional Halloween meeting at Jackson’s hotel room, with his three children running around.

"I felt incredibly bad that this incredible star was at this point where he just couldn't buy a house with all this money he made," Phillips testified. "It just didn't make sense."

Phillips told the court that the emotional meeting was the first time Jackson had expressed a desire to go back to work. Apparently, the performer even had his sights set on a huge 40,000-square-foot house with a $93-million price tag in Bel-Air. But Phillips said he told Jackson the house was too much — "you'll put every dime you make into this house," he recalled telling the singer. Instead, the Jackson family had to settle for a rented place - a $100,000-a-month Holmby Hills estate he paid for using a multimillion-dollar advance he received from AEG.

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Paris Jackson Suicide Attempt – Teenager Transferred To Michael Jackson’s Hospital

Michael Jackson Paris Jackson

There has been an update in the Paris Jackson attempted suicide saga, as the apparently troubled teenager has been transferred to UCLA Medical Centre, the same hospital in which her famous father, Michael Jackson, died.

Jackson was rushed into hospital and kept under psychiatric watch after she attempted to kill herself in the early hours of Wednesday (June 5). Superior Court Judge Mitchell Beckloff, the man overseeing the guardianship of Michael Jackson's three children, has ordered an enquiry following this incident. "There have been communications between the court and counsel and we're completely supportive of the court's actions," Perry Sanders Jr, the attorney for Paris's grandmother Katherine Jackson, said. Tito Jackson's son, TJ, was appointed co-guardian over the children. "This is standard protocol in a high profile case," his attorney Charles Shultz explained. "The court is doing what we fully expected the court to do." Michael Jackson's former lawyer Tom Mesereau, said he is “heartbroken over the news.” He told RadarOnline: “I'm heartbroken over Paris Jackson’s suicide attempt. I’m shocked, and frankly, at a loss for words. 'Paris is just a wonderful young lady, beautiful, and extremely bright.”

Prior to the attempt, Paris posted some cryptic tweets to her Twitter account. “i wonder why tears are salty ?” was the first one, followed by: “yesterday , all my troubles seemed so far away now it looks as though they're here to stay."

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After Suicide Attempt, Paris Jackson Is Still Going Ahead With Filming For Her First Film

Michael Jackson Paris Jackson

Trouble just haunts the Jackson family, even 15-year-old Paris Jackson. The young daughter of the late Michael Jackson was set to begin work on her budding film career with her very first movie – Lundon’s Bridge and the Three Keys. Unfortunately, following the potential actress’s suicide attempt and subsequent hospital stay, the company behind the production, will have to take out a hefty insurance policy for Paris, TMZ reports. Still, sources connected to the film have commented that this would not be a problem for the production.

"There's a policy that we will have to buy now that we would not have had to buy prior to the incident." The source goes on, "We're prepared to pay a large amount of money for the policy," adding, "Fortunately, we have a big budget."

In addition, Paris’s engagement with the production doesn’t begin for another six months – plenty of time, the producers feel, for the young woman to recover and get back on track with her career. And while no, it does not sound like the healthiest decision for Jackson herself, apparently it is the most viable decision as far as the film’s producers are concerned. Oh well, we’ve already known for a while that mental health isn’t exactly top priority in Hollywood, so decisions like that one should come as no surprise.

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Marilyn Manson Dedicates A Song To Paris Jackson, Mimics Self Harm

Paris Jackson Michael Jackson

Following Paris Jackson’s attempted suicide, the stars have come out in support for her. None of them had dedicated a song to her, though, until now, but Manson didn’t stop there. He created controversy by mimicking slicing his wrists shortly after dedicating the song to Michael Jackson’s only daughter.

"This song is for Paris Jackson," said Manson to his crown before going into his rendition of 'Disposable Teens' – probably not the best track to dedicate to a teenager who has just attempted to take her life, but Marilyn hasn't always been the best at behaving appropriatly in public. The first verse of the track reads: "And I'm a black rainbow/ And I'm an ape of god/ I've got a face that's made for violence upon/ And I'm a teen distortion/ Survived abortion/ A rebel from the waist down."

A source said that Paris “has suffered terrible bullying recently. All the allegations about Michael abusing children have been back in the news, plus details of his drug use and even questions about whether he is the kids’ biological father.” Jackson wanted to see Manson in concert, but wasn’t allowed to go. "I hope you feel better," Manson said in a statement, "you will be on my guest list anytime you want."

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Paris Jackson Attempted Suicide After Being Forbidden From Marilyn Manson Gig?

Paris Jackson Michael Jackson Marilyn Manson Beatles Kurt Cobain Nirvana Katherine Jackson

Paris Jackson's shock suicide attempt yesterday (5th June) left her in hospital last night.

She reportedly sliced her arm with a cleaver knife and took an overdose of painkillers after a relative forbade her from attending Marilyn Manson's rock concert in Los Angeles.

The 15 year-old daughter of Michael Jackson also rang a suicide hotline after she left a note to her family and was later found unconscious.

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Michael Jackson’s Daughter Paris In Hospital After Apparent Suicide Attempt

Michael Jackson Paris Jackson

It would appear as though the continuing court action regarding Michael Jackson’s death is have a profound effect upon his children. Paris, in particular, has found it difficult, and was hospitalized after cutting one of her wrists.

"Being a sensitive 15-year-old is difficult no matter who you are," attorney Perry Sanders said Wednesday (June 5) morning. "It is especially difficult when you lose the person closest to you. Paris is physically fine and is getting appropriate medical attention. Please respect her privacy and the family's privacy."

Paris sent out some pretty cryptic tweets Tuesday evening, before calling a suicide counselling hotline early on Wednesday. She posted: "i wonder why tears are salty?", "yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away” and "now it looks as though they're here to stay". At 1.27am on Wednesday, The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department said its deputies "responded to a medical situation".

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Paris Jackson Recovering In Hospital Following Failed Suicide Attempt; But Is It Teenage Angst Or Much Worse [Report]

Michael Jackson Debbie Rowe Paris Jackson

Paris Jackson seemed to be like most other 15-year-olds to most of us; she was hardly ever off Twitter or Instagram, has dreams of being an actress, works hard at school - where she is also a cheerleader - and had even given an online make-up tutorial for girls her age, so when the news was broken by TMZ on Wednesday (June 5) that Paris had attempted suicide earlier that morning, to say it was shocking would be an understatement.

Paris Jackson Instagram
Paris regualrly updates her Twitter and Instagram pages and has a strong online presence

There has been some light shed on what might have led Paris to attempt to take her life, with June 25, the fourth anniversary of her father Michael Jackson's death, the 15-year-old would have understandably been in a state of bereavement. As she quite clearly showed during Michael's televised funeral, she had very close and loving relationship with her father and the loss must have given her emotions a severe beating. As the Jackson's lawyer, Perry Sanders, told TMZ, "Being a sensitive 15-year-old is difficult no matter who you are. It is especially difficult when you lose the person closest to you."

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AEG Ignored Michael Jackson Family's Offer To Settle Wrongful-Death Suit

Michael Jackson

A lawyer for Michael Jackson's family say they offered to settle their wrongful-death suit against concert promoter Anschutz Entertainment Group, but that they never received an answer. The revelation suggests AEG are confident they will win the lawsuit, given the company's insurance company would have paid. "They could have settled the case without them paying a dime of their money," said attorney Kevin Boyle.

Boyle added that AEG has never offered to settle "and they haven't apologized" at any point during the suit. Marvin Putnam, an attorney for AEG, said it was inappropriate to discuss settlement discussions. "We don't settle matters that are utterly baseless," he said, according to Los Angeles Times. "We believe that is the case in this matter. I can't see why we would consider a settlement as anything other than a shakedown."

AEG was the promoter and producer of Michael Jackson's comeback shows in London, before he took an overdose of the anaesthetic Propofol administered by Dr Conrad Murray and died. The Jacksons say that AEG negligently hired and supervised Murray, though the concert promoter says Jackson hired Murray and that any money the firm was supposed to pay him would have been loans to the singer.

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AEG Bosses Put On The Stand In Michael Jackson Trial

Michael Jackson

AEG Live are currently defending themselves in court from the Jackson family estate, claiming that they have no place in the wrongful death trial of the late Michael Jackson. Whilst in court on Monday (May 20) however, the defendants were presented with a piece of evidence contradicting their claim that they did not hire Dr Conrad Murray, placing their whole defence in jeopardy.

AEG Live took to the stands claiming that they did not hire or pay the doctor convicted in Jackson's death, but were forced to do a u-turn on their initial claim when it was revealed that they had asked the Jackson estate to repay the $300,000 spent on Murray just weeks after the singer's death. A previous testimony from AEG Live Senor Vice President and General Counsel Shawn Trell - and prior to that, AEG LIve controller Julie Hollander - also showed the company's budgets at the time of Michael's death included $1.5 million set aside to pay Murray his $150,000 a month fee.

Michael Jackson
The Jackson family claim Michael was practically forced to go on tour

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'60 Seconds' Exposes Michael Jackson's Plans For World Domination

Michael Jackson

We all have plans to achieve our goals and ambitions in life, and for a 21-year-old Michael Jackson he only had one thing on his mind; complete world domination and to be a "a new, incredible actor/singer/dancer that will shock the world."

Well, mission accomplished we suppose, but the recently uncovered handwritten manifesto by the late King of Pop from 1979 reveals more than an overwhelming desire to become the greatest entertainer of all time, it also reveals a young man driven by a strong determination to be the best at what he does and become the King of Pop. MJ's meticulous attention to detail was renowned and his career was one of the most enduring of all time, and with this recently unearthed document we now know that Michael didn't just turn on his drive in the studio or on stage, but had planned his future way in advance and stuck to the plan.

Michael Jackson
Jackson's manifesto could be the reason we remeber him for all the right reasons

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Latest Michael Jackson Child Abuse Allegations "Bogues," Says Lionel Richie

Michael Jackson Lionel Richie

Hello, is it me you’re looking for? Nope, Lionel Richie thinks that the courts would be wrong to pursue the Jackson family following choreographer Wade Robson’s recent child molestation claims against the late King of Pop, claiming that the accusations are “bogus.”

Wade Robson had actually testified in Jackson’s defense in a 2005 child sex abuse trial, but in a weird twist the choreographer has now launched a claim against the late pop star, saying that he was abused by Jackson over a seven year period. "Michael Jackson was a monster and in their hearts every normal person knows it," Mr Robson's lawyer, Henry Gradstein, said in a statement to a news agency, according to Sky News. He added: "He (Mr Robson) collapsed under the stress and sexual trauma of what had happened to him for seven years as a child. He lived with the brainwashing by a sexual predator until the burden of it all crushed him."

There have been so many claims and rumors about Jackson’s extra-curricular activities over the years, but none have managed to stick, and if you believe Lionel Richie that’s because there isn’t anything to stick on him. TMZ attempted to get a word with the crooner recently about the recent allegations and were dismissed completely. Robson must wait for a judge to decide whether he can pursue his case. 

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Michael Jackson's Doctor Accused Of Negligence In Wrongful Death Suit

Michael Jackson

The “wrongful death” suit that the Jackson family have filed against Michael Jackson’s concert promoter AEG is going full steam ahead. Currently, the prosecution is focused on Jackson’s personal physician, employed by AEG, Dr Conrad Murray. Yesterday, May 1st, LA police detective Orlando Martinez testified against AEG, saying that the cardiologist, who has already been convicted of involuntary manslaughter, was in dire financial straits when he was working for AEG. According to Martinez, Murray’s debts on credit card bills, home and student loans, child support and so on amounted to over a million dollars and this is why the doctor was willing to do anything AEG asked in order to get paid.

"Focusing on the financial aspect may have been important for Dr. Murray's willingness to disregard his Hippocratic Oath for financial gain," Martinez testified, and said that in order to get the $150,000 a month, Murray might "break the rules, bend the rules, to do whatever he needed to do to get paid." According to the prosecution, this also meant that Murray was willing to administer the pop star with a dangerous and potentially lethal dose of anesthetic propofol, which did end up killing him in the end.

Martinez also testified that the search of Murray’s girlfriend’s apartment yielded suspicious results, namely just one scrap of paper with the physician’s name on it. According to the detective, this suggested that the place, where Murray had been living for a couple of months, must have been cleaned out in a hurry. "I found one piece of paper with Dr. Murray's name -that had fallen behind the door of a cabinet- in the entire apartment [Murray had] been staying at at least two months," Martinez said. "He was living there, and none of his stuff was there." Martinez assumed that Murray asked Alvarez to cover his tracks.

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The Strangest Thing In The World: LaToya Jackson Hears Michael Jackson's Ghost Tap-Dancing

La Toya Jackson Michael Jackson

La Toya Jackson is convinced that she can hear her late brother’s ghost tap-dancing in the family house. The former Celebrity Apprentice star LaToya was talking on Good Day New York when she confessed that she can still feel Michael Jackson’s presence at times. One of her security guards apparently told her that he could hear tapping, like someone tap-dancing, in the house. “When he told me I said ‘You’re kidding,’ that made me want to know even more about hearing someone tap dance over a certain part of the house. Michael used to do that every Sunday for two hours.”

“It’s the strangest thing because you feel something like thick around you or behind you and you’re wondering,” she described. “You don’t see anything, but you feel a presence … It’s very interesting because it is there, it’s definitely there.” La Toya went on to reveal more details about the friendly haunting: “We go up there and no one’s up there … and just tap dancing,” she recalled. “And the dog barks at his room, the window, every single night at the same time … the dog doesn’t even know that that’s Michael’s room, and the security didn’t know … so it’s weird.”

On the show, LaToya explained that she likes to surround herself with positive people. She didn’t seem willing to talk about her clash with Omarosa on Celebrity Apprentice. In fact, she managed to side-step those questions, completely and was so adamant that she didn’t want to answer, that the show’s presenters just skipped straight on to the next topic.  

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Katherine Jackson Vs AEG: Date Set For Michael Jackson Death Trial

Michael Jackson Katherine Jackson Paris Jackson

After a painstaking jury selection, the Michael Jackson wrongful death trial will get underway on Monday (April 29, 2013), Reuters reports today (April 24). The $40 billion civil case will pit Jackson’s mother, Katherine Jackson and other members of the Jackson family against the concert promoters AEG. Katherine, 82, is suing the promoters of Michael Jackson’s never-realized 2009 concert dates, claiming that they were partly responsible for her son’s death.

Six men and six women were finally selected to take part in the trial, in what will most likely be a very protracted and emotional trial. It is thought that the hearing will take around three months to come to completion and the opening statements will take place at Los Angeles Superior Court on Monday. Of an original selection of 100 potential jurors, many were unable to commit to a 3-month trial as they argued that taking part in such a length legal process would be a hardship to them. Other jurors were rejected as they were deemed to have a bias against Jackson, had business ties to AEG, or the Jackson family. Potential witnesses for the case include Michael’s daughter Paris Jackson, 15, his son Prince, 16 and the singer Diana Ross.

Katherine Jackson is claiming that AEG should take responsibility for the hiring of Dr Conrad Murray, who has already been jailed for causing the singer’s death through negligence. Jackson accuses that the promoters failed to check Murray’s credentials, the BBC reports. 

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Calvin Harris Left Soaked By Drink-Hurling Fan At London Show

Calvin Harris Ellie Goulding Michael Jackson

Calvin Harris was given an almighty soaking by a member of the audience at this show at London's Project Club at the weekend. The Scottish DJ was 30 minutes into a planned hour long set when he was given a watering by a fan who got a little excited. Ever the professional, Harris stuck up two fingers, downed a shot, and continued with his set which ended up being four hours long.

A club source said: "Calvin took it all in his stride. He even joked that next time he DJs he'll wear waterproofs. The culprit was dealt with very quickly and 95 per cent of the clubbers didn't even notice. Calvin was a pro and carried on unphased and ended up DJing for extra time when a lot of lesser performers would have stormed off." It's probably not difficult for Harris to keep an audience on the dancefloor for four hours - his latest album 18 months is packed with chart hits. I Need Your Love, featuring Ellie Goulding, has become the eighth top ten track from the album. It means Harris now holds the record, overtaking Michael Jackson who scored seven Top 10's from his Dangerous record.

Harris is about to take off to the U.S for a handful of shows, before heading back to Europe for the summer. He'll play multiple shows in Ibiza and Mallorca before returning to the UK for a number of festivals including Oxegen and V Festival.

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Six Men, Six Women Form Jury For Michael Jackson's $40 Billion Lawsuit

Michael Jackson Katherine Jackson

Six men and six women will decide whether concert promoters AEG Live were to blame for the death of Michael Jackson in a $40 billion civil lawsuit that could last three months. The twelve jurors have been chosen after a month-long search, while three alternative jurors still have to be chosen. Opening statements should begin later this week, or early next week, reports Reuters.

Jackson's 82-year-old mother Katherine is suing AEG Live, the promoters of the singer's ill-fated series of concerts in London, for the wrongful death of her son. She alleges that the company was negligent in hiring Dr Conrad Murray to care for the singer while he rehearsed for the 50 shows. Of course, Dr Murray is currently serving time for the involuntary manslaughter of Michael Jackson. 

The concert promoters argue that they could not have foreseen that Murray posed a danger to the singer, who died from a lethal dose of the surgical anaesthetic Propofol that Murray was administering to help with sleep problems. Potential witnesses in the trial include Jackson's mother, his two oldest children Prince and Paris, Dr Conrad Murray, singers Prince and Diana Ross and Jackson's ex-wives Lisa-Marie Presley and Debbie Rowe.

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Finally: Jury Selected For Michael Jackson Death Trial

Michael Jackson

The inquiry into the death of the Prince of Pop Michael Jackson took a step forward today (April 23) as a jury consisting of six men and six women has been selected to preside over the wrongful death case brought against promotion company AEG by the late singer's family. The Jackson family are blaming AEG Live for Jackson's death as they hired Dr Conrad Murray, who was convicted of involuntary manslaughter after supplying Jackson with a surgical anaesthetic in 2011.

The trial is expected to go on for some time, estimated at around three months, a factor that made the selection process for the jury a difficult one. Biases in Jackson's favour and ties to AEG also made certain would-be jurors easy to eliminate from the drawn out procedure of finding a jury for the case. After filing through over 100 applicants for the case though a full, hopefully unbiased and civil list of jurors has been found. Legal teams representing both sides of the trial have now begun questioning potential candidates to sit as one of the six alternative jurors, who will be drafted into the courtroom should one of the regular jurors become unable to serve.

The legal action brought forward by the Jackson family accuses the promoters of Jackson's This Is It comeback shows in London of failing to check the credentials of his physician Dr. Murray. Jackson was scheduled to perform 50 comeback shows in the British capital before his untimely death in 2010. The Jackson family are suing the company for a massive $40 billion (£26bn), with the being held in Los Angeles as soon as all formalities have been ironed out. Although no set date has been given by the judge, the hearing could begin as early as this week. 

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Paris Jackson Planning Manhunt For Family Physician Conrad Murray

Michael Jackson Paris Jackson

Paris Jackson, the 15-year-old daughter of the late Michael Jackson, has spoken out against the convicted family physician, Conrad Murray. Murray could potentially be a crucial witness in Paris and her family’s case against Jackson’s concert promoter, AEG. However, the physician thought his testimony could harm his appeal for involuntary manslaughter.

The Jacksons‘ wrongful death lawsuit aims to prove that AEG negligently hired Murray and that the doctor gave Jacko a lethal dose of proforol in 2009. It’s easy to see why he would not want to testify in favor of the Jackson’s.

Understandably, Murray’s lawyer feels it may harm his case. However, a source close to Michael’s 15-year-daughter was quoted by the Sun yesterday as saying: “Paris wants to kick Murray’s butt. She wants him to explain what pressure the doctor was under to make Michael perform. When she gives evidence she plans to tear him apart.”

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Michael Jackson Was Resigned To Being Assassinated On-Stage

Michael Jackson Katherine Jackson

Michael Jackson was almost resigned to the fact he would be assassinated on-stage, going so-far as saying goodbye to everyone in his office. Speaking out ahead of Michael's family's $26 billion lawsuit against tour promoter AEG Live, the singer's close pal Jason Pfeiffer said, "The last time I saw him he was saying his goodbyes to everyone in the office.It was like he knew he was never coming back, and he would often say he thought he was going to be shot on stage."

Michael's children Prince, 16, Paris, 15 and Blanket, 11, and his mother Katherine 82, accuse AEG Live of being neglectful in hiring Dr Conrad Murray as his doctor in the lead-up to his planned London gigs. Now, Jason, 39, says Jackson only chose to play in the UK as he thought there was less chance of being gunned down than at home in the US. "He said the comeback was in England due to the gun laws there.That's why he ditched a US comeback as people had access to guns here and would shoot him. He thought America was too dangerous.But he still had some fears that he would be shot on stage."

Jackson died less than three weeks before the This Is It shows at London's O2 Arena. Lawyers for AEG Live are planning to use Michael's drug past in their defence, saying, the Grammy winner had a long history of abusing medication before he met Dr Conrad Murray, who was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter in relation to Jackson's death.

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Michael Jackson's Family Begin War Worth $40 Billion With AEG: Can They Win?

Michael Jackson Katherine Jackson

Michael Jackson's family are to begin their courtroom battle with concert promoter AEG over the pop star's sudden death in 2009. The late singer's children Prince, 16, Paris, 14, Blanket, 10 and mother Katherine, 82, are seeking $40 BILLION in damages in a wrongful death lawsuit claiming AEG was guilty of negligence which contributed to Jackson's passing. Jurors were due to be sworn in today in Los Angeles. (April 2, 2013).

The Jacksons are specifically seeking around $10 billion for lost future earnings and $30 billion in damages, claiming AEG filed to carry out the proper checks when hiring or supervising Dr Conrad Murray, who was convicted of the involuntary manslaughter of Jackson in a high profile trial. 

Before his death, Jackson was due to begin his massive This Is It tour, a sold-out series of 50 concerts at the O2 Arena, which AEG promoted. Lawyers for the company will argue that Jackson was responsible for his own death because of his addiction to prescription drugs and his penchant for "doctor shopping," according to the Evening Standard. They will seek to prove Murray was hired by Jackson, and Jackson alone.

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Mother Katherine Wants $40 Billion From AEG Over Michael Jackson's Death

Michael Jackson Katherine Jackson

Katherine Jackson is demanding $40 BILLION in damages for the wrongful death trial of her son Michael Jackson. The mother of the King of Pop is suing concert promoters AEG Live claiming the executives behind her son's doomed comeback shows in London were negligent ignoring life-threatening health concerns.

Last month, a judge ruled that the case would go to trial, with newly obtained legal papers suggesting Katherine wants the entertainment bosses to pay over $40 billion in damages. According to TMZ.com, the documents state that Jackson's three children should have $6 billion for all the future earnings their father would have generated, and an additional $31 million for various other damages. Though the figures appear ridiculous on the surface, Jackson was still the biggest pop-star on the planet at the time of his death and his sold out This Is It tour would have generated millions. With future albums and tours, it's not beyond the realms of possibility that Jackson would have generated billions. 

AEG Live officials say the damage claim is "preposterous," as the Thriller hitmaker's career had been badly damaged by child molestation allegations. Ticket sales say otherwise. 

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Philadelphia Eagles Make Surprise Paris Jackson NFL Offer

Michael Jackson

A Paris Jackson NFL offer isn’t the sort of thing you’d be expecting to be coming in for the daughter of Michael Jackson, but that’s exactly what’s happened! Now, Paris isn’t going to be lining up on the field for anyone of course, but she’s been offered a role cheerleading for the Philadelphia Eagles, among others.

“We think Paris will make a great Eagle cheerleader” said Eagles head cheerleader Barbara Zaun to TMZ. “We thought that she had a lot of poise, confidence and enthusiasm in her cheer performance … Paris has that ‘wow factor’ that makes a great cheerleader.” However there is a stumbling block given that Paris is only 14 years-old. NFL rules are pretty strict in stating that you can only cheerlead for an NFL club if you’re 18 years old or over. Despite Paris’ fame, we’re not sure the NFL would bend those rules for her.

Paris Jackson

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20 Most Loved Michael Jackson Hit Songs

Michael Jackson

He is, without doubt, one of the biggest selling solo artists of all time (beaten only by rock 'n' roll legend Elvis Presley, the daughter of whom he actually married) and became a global phenomenon after embarking on a solo career from his childhood band the Jackson 5. Whilst he has held the record for the biggest selling album of all time with 'Thriller' for a number of years and has evermore growing sales nearly four years after his death, we thought we'd collate together the best global favourite Michael Jackson songs from The Pop Star's back catalogue. 

We would like to emphasize that we understand that our top 20 songs may have been different had we looked at other nations' music charts, but this list is based on a point system racking up the number of weeks his singles topped the charts in the US, the UK, France, Spain and Australia only. 

20. Heal the World (1992)

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Jackson AEG Lawsuit Goes To Court; Are Promoters Negligent For Hiring Conrad Murray?

Michael Jackson

The jailed doctor Conrad Murray has had his named brought up in the courts again relating to Michael Jackson, after the deceased King of Pop’s mother Katherine Jackson was granted the right to go to court over a lawsuit she filed back in 2010, which accused concert promoter AEG of negligence in hiring the medic.

Murray is, of course, currently serving out four years in prison for involuntary manslaughter regarding the death of Jackson, with the doctor being found guilty of supplying him with sleeping agents that ultimately contributed to his passing. The matriarch of the Jackson family filed a suit that accused AEG of negligence in hiring and supervising Murray during his treatment of the star during preparations for the This Is It tour, as well as breaching its duty to care for him during rehearsals and believes they were responsible for the conduct of Murray.

Conrad Murray

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Michael Jackson Death: New Information Arises As Jackson Family Pursue Truth

Michael Jackson

The lawsuit filed by Michael Jackson's three children and mother, which accuses a concert promoter of contributing to the pop icon's death, has taken a fresh new twist.

This week, the presiding judge uncovered an email that connects MJ’s death to a concert promoter. The email has been dubbed a ‘smoking gun’ email, which sounds terrifically dramatic, but it’s just a term used to convey the lawful culpability of the evidence. "Now that the court has ruled that there is evidence that it was foreseeable that AEG's actions resulted in Michael Jackson's death, the Jackson family feels vindicated from the public smear campaign that AEG has waged against them," Jackson lawyer Kevin Boyle said Sunday. "The truth about what happened to Michael, which AEG has tried to keep hidden from the public since the day Michael died, is finally emerging. We look forward to the trial where the rest of the story will come to light." So what do those emails actually say? Well the exact text is unclear, but the context is not. MJ’s death occurred just two weeks before he was supposed to embark on his ‘This is It’ tour. The E-mails suggest that AEG Live’s promoter was getting worried about Jackson’s missed rehearsals, and contacted Dr. Conrad Murray in order to sort it out.

Michael Jackson: 30th Anniversary Special (CBS): November 13, 2001

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The Crotch Grab: Too Old, Too Young, Too Female?

Michael Jackson Peter Andre Justin Bieber Madonna Miley Cyrus Katy Perry Rihanna Janet Jackson Usher

Of the many trademark dance moves that the late megastar Michael Jackson showcased to the world - the Moonwalk, the Toe Stand, the Anti-Gravity Lean - the Crotch Grab has got to be the most frequently copied by popstars everywhere. The reason? It could be that M.J. was (and still is) the biggest music icon in the world and stars will always be trying to achieve status of his calibre, it could be that it is one of the easiest of his seminal moves to learn, or it could be that it has always been controversial, critically regarded as infamous and overtly sexual, and notoriety, as celebrities know, is a sure fire way to hit headlines.

Society has reached a stage where such trifles are rarely considered shocking anymore, so why do we still find ourselves recoiling at the sight of another star copying the famous move?

 Too Old?

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Lady Gaga Has Her Eye On Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch

Lady GaGa Michael Jackson

Lady GaGa is quickly becoming a big stake monopoliser of what's left of Michael Jackson's property, be that his gloves, or, it appears, his house. The 3000 acre property in California which was famous for its Neverland Ranch name and interesting variety of inhabitants (plenty of exotic creatures) is currently not owned out right by the family, and according to a source at the Sun, Lady Gaga wants to help out by buying a big ol' chunk of it.

"Lady Gaga is obsessed with Michael."The source said, "She's become good friends with his sister LATOYA and would love more than anything else to restore Neverland to its original state. His kids are all desperate to hold on to their childhood home so they can decide what they want to do with it properly when they've grown up. Gaga would love to help with the financial costs by buying a share." What a wonderfully charitable young woman! Without wanting to sound cynical, there is plenty for Gaga to gain here - a closer insight into the life and mind of her biggest hero: MJ. 

Michael's death hit Gaga very, very hard, not only because of her enormous fandom, but also because she was going to be supporting him on the tour that he was about to embark on. "There was some talk about the openers doing duets with Michael on stage," she told David Letterman at the time. "But Michael's death was devastating for me regardless of whether I was supposed to go on tour with him."

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Could Lady Gaga Rescue Neverland For Michael Jackson's Family?

Lady GaGa Michael Jackson Paris Jackson Katherine Jackson

Pop music just isn’t enough for Lady GaGa. The threat of acting in a Quentin Tarantino movie just isn’t enough for Lady Gaga. Launching perfumes just isn’t enough for Lady Gaga. Now, it seems, Stefani Germanotta (aka Lady Gaga, aka Mother Monster) is shaping herself up to become Michael Jackson’s official archivist and historical restoration expert.

Not only did Gaga recently spend about a gazillion dollars on Michael Jackson-related memorabilia at an auction recently, but The Sun have now reported that she is in talks to purchase his legendary Neverland Ranch amusement park. Neverland is currently owned by Sycamore Valley Ranch – they purchased it when Jacko was undergoing serious financial problems. Michael’s kids Prince Michael, Blanket and Paris still own shares in Neverland though, as does his mother, Katherine. According to a source, The Sun reports that Lady Gaga has become good friends with Michael’s sister LaToya and would apparently like nothing more than to restore Neverland to its former glory.

“Lady Gaga is obsessed with Michael,” said the source, which would certainly explain her recent extravagant expenditure. If Gaga did invest in the property, it could potentially help Michael’s kids out with their investment for the future, as the source explains: “His kids are all desperate to hold on to their childhood home so they can decide what they want to do with it properly when they've grown up. Gaga would love to help with the financial costs by buying a share.” 

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Sony Hackers Escape Jail After Leaking Michael Jackson Tracks

Michael Jackson Elvis Presley Beyonce Knowles

Two men, who hacked Sony Entertainment's servers and downloaded thousands of songs, including some unreleased material from Michael Jackson, have escaped jail time today (Jan 12) after a court hearing in Leicester, UK.

The two men, James McCormick, 26, and James Marks, 27, met online before eventually collaborating together to break into Sony's vast musical database and helping themselves to the spoils, which also included Elvis Presley and Beyoncé as well as MJ. They were arrested in May 2011, after Sony identified the security breach, but not before helping themselves to over 7000 songs, as well as artwork and videos. The Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) said that the two had also conspired to sell the files on after they had been stolen, after chat-logs recovered from the pair's computers offered some rather incriminating evidence for the prosecutors to consider.

The pair first appeared in court in September last year, pleading guilty to computer misuse offences. They now face a suspended 6 month sentence each, reduced from a year, as well as 100 hours of community service. Mick Jameison, from SOCA's Cyber Department, said to press shortly after the sentencing, "These men stole thousands of copyrighted files belonging to Sony Music. Our remit is to protect businesses as well the public, and we will continue to work closely with law enforcement and industry partners to tackle online criminality."

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Timber! Is Justin Bieber Teetering On The Brink Of A Fall From Grace?

Justin Bieber Usher Selena Gomez Michael Jackson River Phoenix Corey Haim Scooter Braun

For some years, there, we had high hopes for Justin Bieber. It really looked as though the squeaky clean pop star was just that: squeaky clean. A chance online encounter propelled the young bedroom singer to stardom, with a little help from his new pal Usher and by all accounts, he seemed to be the kinda lad that his fans wouldn’t mind taking home to meet mom and dad (they wish!). He was polite, if occasionally a little dim, he came from a seemingly pleasant church-going family and would speak regularly about his faith as though he were just another pleasant, well-behaved young boy next door who happened to be allowed outside the realms of the white picket fence just a few years earlier than most.

A montage of a young Justin Bieber talking about his faith

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Lady Gaga Goes Ga-ga For Michael Jackson Costumes At Auction

Lady GaGa Michael Jackson

Lady GaGa is famed for her eccentricity so it's no surprise that she covets the items of another great eccentric: Michael Jackson. This is probably why she spent $1,000,000 at an auction of his costumes and clothing. 

The auction, held in Los Angeles on December 2nd at Julien's Auctions, was organised by Jackson's costume designers Dennis Tompkins and Michael Bush with the aim of raising money for charities including Guide Dogs of America and a Las Vegas hospice reports the BBC. Gaga snapped up 55 items, which she tweeted about:

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BAD25: Spike Lee's Michael Jackson Documentary Hits All The Right Notes

Spike Lee Michael Jackson Kanye West Justin Bieber Mariah Carey Stevie Wonder Martin Scorsese Wesley Snipes

Spike Lee’s Michael Jackson documentary BAD25 has been hailed as a success. Spike Lee, of course, has personal knowledge of working with Jackson – he directed his 1996 video ‘The Don’t Care About Us,’ so the documentary is lent an intimate air, as he conducts the interviews himself. Featured in the interviewee’s chair are a host of stars, all influenced, or touched by Jackson and the music of his hit album Bad (released 25 years ago this year).

Kanye West, Justin Bieber, Mariah Carey and Stevie Wonder are amongst those discussing Jackson’s creative vision, on the album that sold over 30 million copies and spawned five consecutive number ones. According to Boston.com, the film plays out with a series of oral accounts of the recording period. Lee speaks to all of the major players in the recording studio as ell as those involved in his videos and the accompanying tour (surprisingly, including the only solo North American tour that Jackson would ever headline).

Some of the cinematographic vignettes include footage of Martin Scorsese directing Michael Jackson (and Wesley Snipes, before he was famous) in the video for ‘Bad’ and Sheryl Crow, talking of the time that she worked as a back-up singer for Jackson. “The molecules changed in the room,” she said. Although Spike Lee is a vivacious character in his own right, he steps back and lets the interviewees do the talking here. The documentary will be aired this evening (November 21, 2012) at 9:30pm EST, on ABC.

Here Come The Jacksons! Reunited Family Announce UK Tour (Ticket Details)

Jackson 5 Jermaine Jackson Michael Jackson

The jacksons will bring their reunion tour to the UK with five dates next year. Yes, that's right, you'll get to hear hits including 'ABC' and 'I Want You Back' when Jackie, Jermaine, Marlo and Tito perform together outside the US for the first time since 1984.

The 'Unity Tour' - which includes a number of Michael Jackson songs - will call at Birmingham's National Indoor Arena on February 26, 2013, before moving on to the Manchester O2 Apollo, Glasgow's Clyde Auditorium, Bournemouth's International Centre and finishing at London's Hammersmith Apollo on March 3, 2012. The group has been busy performing on the North American tour, one date of which took place at New York's Apollo Theatre where the group performed with Michael in 1969. A 26-song set saw Jermaine take many of the lead vocals, while he also performed a mini solo-set featuring 'Let's Get Serious', 'Do What You Do' and 'Dynamite'. He also paid tribute to his late brother with an emotional rendition of 'Gone Too Soon', accompanied by a video montage of the King of Pop.

Tickets for all the UK dates go on sale via Ticketline on Friday (November 23, 2012). 

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Brooke Shields' Mother Teri Dies In New York Aged 79

Brooke Shields Michael Jackson

Brooke Shields' mother Teri Shields has died in Manhattan aged 79 after suffering from long illness. A spokesperson for the Hollywood actress told the New York Times that Teri - who had dementia - had passed away last Wednesday (October 31, 2012).

According to the Los Angeles Times, Teri "exerted an iron fist" on managing her daughter's career from the time she was 11 months old. Though their relationship was thought to have soured in later years, Shields said in a statement, "My mother was an enormous part of my life and of who I am today.I loved her, laughed with her, and respected her. And although she had her share of struggles, she was my mom." As a baby, Brooke was paid $25 to pose for a soap commercial, before going on to work for Breck, Band-Aids and Colgate. In the 1978 movie Pretty Baby, she played a teenage prostitute, and went onto appear in a couple of provocative Calvin Klein.  "It's only a role", she said of the film, "I'm not going to grow up and be a prostitute."

As well as her movie and modelling work, Shields has also starred on television shows such as Suddenly Susan, That 70's Show and Lipstick Jungle. She was a close friend of the late musician Michael Jackson.

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Elizabeth Taylor Takes #1 In 'Dead Rich List'

Elizabeth Taylor Michael Jackson

Elizabeth Taylor has arisen not from the dead, but to the lofty heights of the posthumous rich-list, and in doing so, has overtaken the late king of pop, Michael Jackson

E! reports Forbes' annual list of top-earning dead celebrities is topped by Taylor, being worth a hefty $210 million, which beats out Jackson, who stands at #2 with $145m. Much of the income her estate has generated has been largely due to Christie's record-setting auction last year of Taylor's jewellery and art, which netted $184 million. The rest of the loot comes from her property sales and movies like Cleopatra and Around The World in 80 Days. The legendary actress will receive even more buzz when Liz & Dick, the Lifetime biopic starring Lindsay Lohan, premieres on Sunday, Nov. 25, while record sales and movie appearances account for MJ's riches. Another king, this time presiding over the rock 'n roll mantle, Elvis Presley still boasts $55m despite being dead since 1977. 

'Peanuts' creator Charles M. Schulz comes in at #4 with $37 million and reggae great Bob Marley at #5 with $17 million. The rest of the top 10 look something like this: singer-songwriter John Lennon at #6 with $12 million, actress Marilyn Monroe and scientist Albert Einstein at #7 with $10 million, children's book author Theodore Geisel at #9 with $9 million and actor Steve McQueen at #10 with $8 million.

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I Never Leave Home Without It: Michael Jackson's Father Flashes Handgun In Vegas

Joe Jackson Michael Jackson

Joe Jackson was filmed recently flashing a handgun to a room full of people at an event in Las Vegas and was happy to tell anyone who cared to listen that he carries it everywhere with him.

After receiving an admirable introduction from a family friend, Majestik, Jackson took to the stage and spoke about his fight for justice, for his son, who died in 2010. He began his speech by saying “believe me, I am going to get justice for my son. I will NOT give up… Yes, he mentioned I carry a piece. I carry a piece everywhere I go.” And lo and behold, he opened his suit jacket, to reveal a gun in a holster.” watching the video, hosted by TMZ, you can sense an uncomfortable atmosphere in the room and Jackson says “Majestik doesn’t like me to do this but… I have to let you know that I’ve been threatened a lot of time and so I have to be safe.”

Jackson’s dramatic demonstration of his own personal self-defence tactics were made at the Tuscany Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, where he was preparing to be honored at the Black Music Awards (though we’re not entirely sure what for, exactly). Majestik recounted the story of his visit to Michael Jackson’s home just a couple of weeks before his death, in which Joe Jackson threatened to shoot and kill his son’s staff, if he discovered any wrongdoing had occurred. Apparently, Joe felt it necessary to corroborate the story by flashing his weaponry at the audience. The mind boggles.

Beyoncé At The Super Bowl: A Perfect Match

Beyonce Knowles Jay Z Michael Jackson Prince

Beyonce being announced to perform at the Super Bowl was like the Coca Cola Christmas ad or watching Forest Gump on a public holiday: it just felt right. And given the pantheon of stars to perform at the event, which now gleans over 100 million views, Beyonce has some high company indeed.

Michael Jackson famously performed at Super Bowl XXVII, which featured the late king of pop leaping from the Rose Bowl scoreboards to his stage on the 50-yard line, where a whopping 3,000 dancers accompanied him as he blasted out some of his most infectious tunes. Another timeless,Super Bowl perfoemance, though not at half time, was Whitney Houston at match XXV. Another late star, Houston powered through an almighty rendition of the national anthem, taking its rightful place alongside Marvin Gaye's stirring rendition of the anthem before the 1983 NBA All-Star Game. Ah, memories. Diana Ross at Super Bowl XXX back 1996 can’t go by without a mention either; in her prime, the diva fitted nearly all her hits into one performance, and made sure she gave a varied one, with nearly as many costume changes.

U2 and Prince took the stage for Super Bowl’s XXXVI and XLI respectively, and both gave astounding shows. U2’s was particularly pertinent because it was the first after 9/11, and Prince? Well it rained a lot for Prince’s go, but he still worked the crowd like a pro. Beyoncé has some gargantuan pop-shoes to fill, but given that she’s one of the most talented artists of today, she’ll make it happen we’re sure. Anyone got any odds on a cameo from Jay Z?

Freddie Mercury Documentary: Did We Get Close Enough?

Freddie Mercury Brian May Michael Jackson

The Freddy Mercury documentary promised to be "the closest we’ll get to the real Freddie Mercury", well at least host Alan Yentob promised that. But did we get our close up? According to Gigwise, we did not.

The Arts Desk said, "[Freddie's] shyness and the protective persona, coupled with vigorous policing by the Queen organisation, meant that film-maker Rhys Thomas couldn't add a great deal to what's already known about Mercury." And The Independent were equally down on the doc, saying it was "rather more like a trip down rock memory lane than an hour of revelation or revisionism". The show wasn’t completely devoid of interesting information about the band, for instance: we found out that Mercury fought "like a kid" with Brian May, and that Queen were stuck in a lift when they found out that 'Bohemian Rhapsody' had reached number one, but beyond that, there was no real depth. Or not the depth we were craving, anyway, unless you count the fact that Mercury was supposed to record a collaboration with Michael Jackson but it fell apart because Jackson kept bringing his pet llama into the recording studio as interesting.

Essentially, the documentary is a pleasant watch for a casual fan, looking to gain an extra insight into Freddy, but for you Queen fanatics out there, it’ll probably be a regurgitation of stuff you already spent hours on the internet reading about.

Alfonso Ribeiro Married: Fresh Prince Star Weds Angela Unkrich

Alfonso Ribeiro Michael Jackson Will Smith

The actor Alfonso Ribeiro has married Angela Unkrich, People magazine have confirmed. On Saturday (October 13, 2012), Alfonso, who is best known for playing Carlton Banks in The Fresh Prince of Bel Air got married for the second time. He has been engaged to Angela since July this year.

On Sunday, the 41 year-old posted a message to his 17,000 Twitter followers, to say “Last night I got married to the most incredible woman in the world ‪@angiesue224.” Unkrich, 31, posted her own tweet, to say “1st morning waking up as Mrs. Ribeiro = AMAZING!!! So happy and blessed!” Alfonso also took a few moments to correct some careless news tweeters, who had posted faulty info about the wedding. The Celebrity Café posted “'Dancing with the Stars' contestant Alfonso Ribeiro ties the knot…” to which he replied, somewhat fastidiously, “I was never on DWTS.” A few hours later, the excitement of the wedding had clearly passed, as he was busy tweeting his feelings on the Yankees’ game, instead.

Ribeiro was born in the Bronx and launched his career when he starred in a Pepsi commercial alongside Michael Jackson in the 1980s. Then, he went on to star in Silver Spoons between 1984 to 1987. Widespread attention came when he landed the role of Carlton Banks in Fresh Prince, starring alongside Will Smith. He was previously married to Robin Stapler, with whom he had a child, nine year-old Sienna.

Pepsi Teams Up With One Direction For New Ad Campaign

One Direction Michael Jackson Alfonso Ribeiro Britney Spears Katy Perry Nicki Minaj Drew Brees

One Direction are the latest stars to link up with Pepsi, as the soft drinks company tries to boost its sales, reports The Herald Standard.

Go way back, and you’ll see Michael Jackson dancing alongside Alfonso Ribeiro (Carlton Banks from Fresh Prince) in an 80’s Pepsi advert. Come forward a bit, and Britney Spears, then the innocent schoolgirl, is selling soda. Now you can look forward to a Pepsi ad featuring British Boy-wonders, One Direction, and NFL star, Drew Brees, in a clip that sees them vie for a can of the fizzy pop. Brees also performs with the group as part of Pepsi's "Live for Now" campaign, which has also featured Nicki Minaj and Katy Perry. Pepsi have also tried to break the sporting market, with ad campaigns featuring the world’s biggest sporting stars, like Lionel Messi and Frank Lampard. In fact, they’ve upped media spending in the United States by more than 40 per cent during the second quarter compared with a year ago, after losing market share to soft drink-giants Coca-Cola Co. in recent years.

One Direction, whilst technically being losers from the X Factor, have become one of the world’s biggest boy bands. Their new album, Take Me Home, will be released on November 13th. Brees is the record-breaking quarterback for the New Orleans Saints.

Wizard Of Oz's Iconic Judy Garland Dress Up For Sale

Judy Garland Michael Jackson Marilyn Monroe Pierce Brosnan William Shatner

63 years after the Technicolour family favourite "The Wizard of Oz" was released in cinemas, Judy Garland's iconic blue gingham Dorothy dress is going to be up for sale in an auction, to be held in November.

Darren Julien, the prime auctioneer of celebrity items with his company Julien's Auctions, expects the dress to make half a million dollars (£300,000). Julien's Auctions has sold items from Michael Jackson, Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley, to name but a few, and sells some fairly normal items from Bill Clinton's saxophone, to the truly bizarre, namely William Shatner's kidney stone, which sold for $25,000 (£14k) in 2006.

The 'Dorothy' dress will join 800 other items of from films over the ages, including props, photographs and wardrobe items, in the "Icons and Idols 2012: Hollywood" auction. To mark 50 years since Marilyn Monroe's death, a number of her items will also be included in the sale.

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Michael Jackson, Michael Album Review

Michael Jackson. King of Pop. After his untimely death back in 2009, long-standing fans can rejoice with this posthumous release of unreleased music. As the album cover suggests, Michael Jackson has had one stellar of a musical career. Destroyer of various world records, pop icon over five decades, and with various public scandals in tow; no one can deny the magnitude of Michael Jackson's impact upon the music scene. Whilst cynics may dismiss this LP for an attempt of milking the potential cash machine, the result is actually a decent and solid offering that reminds us why the world fell in love with this still-reigning King of Pop.

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Michael Jackson's This Is It Review

Since no one will ever see the epic show, the next best thing is this compilation of rehearsal footage for Jackson's 50 planned This Is It concerts in London. And while it's not a particularly remarkable film, it's an entertaining backstage glimpse.

Peppered with vox pops from dancers and musicians, the film takes us through the show from Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' to Man in the Mirror. For most of the numbers, Ortega splices together practice performances from multiple rehearsals, which means that sometimes the sound doesn't match the visuals (although it all seems to be recorded live). And what we see is an astoundingly gifted musician who's perhaps not as robust as he used to be, but still has an extraordinary ease with his voice and body.

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Michael Jackson's Youngest Child's Surrogate Mother Revealed

Michael Jackson

The identity of the surrogate mother for Michael Jackson's youngest son has been revealed as a Mexican nurse. Known only as Helena, the woman was reportedly paid 20 thousand USD by the late pop singer to serve as a surrogate mother for Prince Michael II - known as 'Blanket'. Rumours had once persisted about who was the father of 'Blanket', the birth certificate reveals that Michael is in fact the biological father while the mother's name was left blank.  

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Michael Jackson already had two children - Prince Michael I and Paris - with his ex-wife, Debbie Rowe. According to a friend of the late singer, "Michael wanted a designer baby. He had two wonderful children but wanted one more and was quite specific on the gene pool he wanted to tap into." Multiple women offered to mother the star's child, before he settled on Helena as she was, as he thought, perfect.

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The Wiz Review

This Broadway mainstay is horrifying -- nightmare-inducing, really. Diana Ross, Michael Jackson, and Nipsey Russell make for a triple threat of overacting and bad costumes in this Harlem-set bastardization of The Wizard of Oz. Ted Ross, as the cowardly lion, is the only one to escape relatively unscathed. There's one song here worth remembering (the "Follow the Yellow Brick Road" update "Ease on Down the Road"), the rest is an acid trip of bad dancing, garish sets, and a Joel Schumacher-scripted mess that runs 135 agonizing minutes. Thank God for the irreverent Richard Pryor as the titular Wiz.

Michael Jackson Rents Waterpark And Offers Free Admission

Michael Jackson

Following the massively controversial series of court-cases and trials, Michael Jackson rented out an entire water park in Dubai so children and their parents could have fun for free. The pop superstar is known to own a tremendous home called 'Neverland Ranch', named after the island setting of 'Peter Pan' - the magical island of Neverland, where children don't ever have to grow up.

Michael Jackson apeared in a white full body lyrca suit, with only his eyes and nose visible.
Michael Jackson apeared in a white full body lyrca suit, with only his eyes and nose visible.

The reclusive superstar, who now based in the Middle East, rented the Wild Wadi park, allowing free entry to families. When Jackson arrived himself, families and lifeguards were stunned to find him wearing a white lycra full body suit, with just his nose and eyes visible to members of the public. It's a far cry from MJ's notable fashion sense, and one lifeguard on duty told British newspaper the Daily Express: "He looked even stranger than usual. His body is very skinny and lycra does him no favours."

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