Back To The Future Day was on Wednesday (October 21st 2015) but people are still celebrating the legacy of this era-defining movie and stars Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd even reunited as Marty McFly and Doc on the latest episode of 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'. Needless to say, they were pretty disappointed with the real 2015.

Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd and Lea ThompsonMichael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd and Lea Thompson were re-united for the film's 30th anniversary

So we don't have hoverboards, flying cars or self-tying sneakers in 2015 as opposed to what 1989's 'Back To The Future II' would've had us believe, but it's still a common agreement that technology has advanced a tremendous amount in the last thirty years, right? Well, Marty and Doc don't think so. When their time-travelling DeLorean landed in the middle of Jimmy Kimmel's talk show last night (October 22nd 2015), they were amazed at just how little the world had changed.

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'Apparently, the technological and cultural achievements of this era are somewhat underwhelming', says Doc, after Kimmel had explained the 'Cronut' (half croissant, half donut - apparently very tasty). However, the pair did seem impressed by 2015's most popular piece of technology; the Smartphone, on which Kimmel demonstrated the all-important 'selfie' technique, though the presenter soon moved on after Doc discovered his Grindr app. Awkward.

'I believe we may have inadvertently travelled into an alternate 2015 where human evolution has been stopped by superfluous technology', Doc continues, adding - in hilarious reference to Donald Trump running for president - 'And Biff reigns supreme.'

Watch Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' here:

Michael J. Fox later appeared on the show as himself to talk about the impact the movie trilogy has had, but nothing could've beaten that spectacular introduction.

For anyone who doesn't know (shame on you!), 'Back To The Future' saw an ordinary high school boy travel into 1955 with a mysterious scientist in a DeLorean, before being stranded with the sole task of getting his parents together to ensure his future birth. The second movie saw them travel forward to the supposed 2015, while 'Back To The Future III' saw them flitting to a Western prairie in 1885.

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A brand new trilogy box set was released this year to commemorate the legendary film.