Tragic rock couple Michael Hutchence and Paula Yates enjoyed a night of passion involving a hamster, oysters and a prostitute on their very first date - according to a new book.

The deceased Inxs frontman dated SIR Bob Geldof's ex-wife for several years prior to his untimely demise in November 1997. Their intimate activities have come to light through new tome PAULA, MICHAEL AND BOB by Paula's pal GERRY AGAR, and through anecdotes from Michael's friend John Williams.

Williams recounts, "Michael would often boast that sex with Paula was the best ever and I can believe that after hearing of some of their antics.

"He told me that on their first night together they got a hamster and put it up each other. It was provided by a high class hooker Michael hired for the night. They all had sex, it was pretty wild."

Williams reveals that other props used by the pair included truncheons, latex face masks, handcuffs, rope, a riding crop and a gynaecologist's speculum.

14/09/2003 14:06