Rocker Michael Hutchence was reportedly bankrupt when he died, and left his only daughter Tiger Lily a tiny inheritance.

The Inxs frontman was estimated to be worth around $28 million (£16 million) at the time of his death, but it appears his daughter will not be inheriting a fortune since turning 18 on 22 July (14).

According to his will, Hutchence wanted to leave the first $500,000 (£295,000) to Greenpeace before splitting the rest between his family and daughter Geldof, but the executor's report advised his relatives there was no money for them to inherit.

The rock star had reportedly told his family he owned properties worth millions, but his relatives discovered after his death that the homes were not his to give away.

They later found out the publishing rights and royalties from his music and record sales were also not included in the estate.

Hutchence's brother, Rhett Hutchence, tells Australian magazine New Idea, "The will was black and white. He wanted his family to have his hard-earned wealth, and that's where it goes weird... He would have hated this outcome to his will. He wanted his family to have his hard earned wealth. Michael thought he had control of his assets but in the end, it only worked with Michael still alive. On his death he owned little or nothing."