Michael Eavis, the founder of the Glastonbury Festival of Music and Arts, says he has booked three "excellent headliners" for 2015 though confirmed that Fleetwood Mac were not available. The legendary rock band have been the strong favorites to headline the festival next year, though Eavis debunked the speculation, also going on record as saying Queen are not in his thoughts, either.

Michael EavisMichael Eavis has confirmed that all three Glastonbury headliners are now booked, but that they do not include Fleetwood Mac or Queen

"Queen? Not Queen, no. Fleetwood Mac don't seem to be available at the moment. But we've got three excellent headliners for next year," he said, during an interview with Music Week. Pushed on his bookings, Eavis, 79, teased that one of the headline acts had "been around for a long time."

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We're all too aware of Eavis' PR efforts around this time of year. Much of what he says about headliners often amounts to nothing but spiel, though his comments have nevertheless led to speculation that AC/DC, the Stone Roses, Robert Plant or David Bowie could headline. 

150,000 Glastonbury tickets sold out in just 29 minutes earlier this month, despite the festival's no resale policy.

Eavis confirmed that all three headliners will be announced on April 1, 2015.

This year's festival saw headline performances from Arcade Fire, Metallica and Kasabian.

The full list of odds to headline Glastonbury 2015 are as followed:

Fleetwood Mac (4/1)

AC/DC (5/1)

Muse (5/1)

Kate Bush (8/1)

Oasis (8/1)

Coldplay (10/1)

Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds (10/1)

Radiohead (10/1)

The Stone Roses (10/1) 

U2 (10/10

Elton John (12/1)

Foo Fighters (12/1)

Iron Maiden (12/1)

Prince (12/1)

Daft Punk (16/1)

Elbow (16/1)

The Libertines (16/1)

Arctic Monkeys (20/1)

David Bowie (20/1)

Linkin Park (20/1)

Red Hot Chili Peppers (20/1)

Adele (25/1)

Robert Plant (25/1)