Michael Eavis wishes Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley could come back from the dead to play at Glastonbury.

The musical festival's founder has revealed if he could choose any artist from their heyday to play at the event - which takes place on Worthy Farm in Somerset - it would be the two musical legends.

He told the Sunday Telegraph newspaper: ''It would have to be Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley and the Grateful Dead. [Jerry] Garcia was fantastic. His music went on for hours and hours and it never got boring. I went to see them once at the Rainbow in London and then came back to milk the cows.''

Meanwhile, it's been claimed 79-year-old Michael - whose daughter Emily Eavis now manages the festival - could be set to miss out on this year's event after fainting while cycling through the nearby village of Pilton two weeks ago.

A source told the Mail on Sunday newspaper: ''Michael is determined to carry on business as usual but it is likely we will see less of him than usual this year.''

Michael is set to hand over the reigns to his daughter entirely when the festival - which kicks off on Wednesday - reaches its 50th year in 2020.