LATEST: The biological father of DIANDRA DOUGLAS' surrogate twins is refusing to give up custody of his boys even after his ex-girlfriend had him handcuffed and arrested in his own bedroom.

Investor ZACK HAMPTON BACON III is still fuming after Michael Douglas' ex-wife tried to humiliate him in his own home last weekend (22MAY04), but the incident has only made him more determined to win full custody of his twin sons.

Speaking exclusively to American scandal show CELEBRITY JUSTICE, Bacon says, "She alleged I put my hand on her shoulder and shoved her down the corridor. I've never seen this viciousness and maliciousness in Diandra."

Bacon and socialite Douglas tried for three years to conceive children and, after a fifth in-vitro attempt, twin baby girls were born to a surrogate but didn't survive.

The couple eventually welcomed twin boys in March (04), and Bacon admits his relationship with his ex changed shortly after the boys were born.

He says, "Diandra had her heart set on a little girl; God gave us boys. The first warning flag I had, Diandra kept saying, 'They're your babies.' I think she became upset the boys were genetically mine."

The couple then squabbled when Douglas reportedly pursued the adoption of a daughter, and hit her then-boyfriend with a custody case because she wanted to live with them in California, rather than stay with him in New York.

30/05/2004 21:04