Michael Clarke Duncan has some disappointing news for Ben Affleck's female admirers - the Hollywood hunk isn't at all impressive in the nude.

While Affleck has won over hordes of admirers and was named PEOPLE magazine's Sexiest Man Alive in 2002, his ARMAGEDDON co-star Duncan insists fans would change their minds if they saw him without his clothes on.

He says, "Don't get me wrong, ladies, Ben is cool, but I've seen the guy naked in Armageddon and c'mon, man! I was not impressed at all, man! I was like, 'This is it, huh? This is it right here?'

"And he's on the cover (of People) and he's looking all... sexy and it says, 'America's Sexiest Human Being!'

"I'm like, 'So all over the world, in every country, you are the sexiest man? C'mon man!'"

And Duncan believes he'd be more deserving of such an accolade, adding, "I have bulging biceps. I'll take my turn, I'll wait."

01/04/2005 02:34