Costume designer Michael Clancy has died.

Michael worked on films such as 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding', ' We Own the Night' and 'All Good Things' and news of his passing was reported by while his friend and former Naomi Wolff Lachter shared a sweet tribute to him on her Instagram page.

She wrote: "A true original, a brilliant artist, a treasured friend. Somewhere between child's play and pure madness was the twisted fever dream of our relationship. Two eccentric peas in a pod of make believe, we were in a relentless match of wits. You could out shop, out bid, out shade and outshine whomever you pleased. Normal was for boring people ... It's time to rest, legend. Fare thee well on the other side of whatever awaits beyond this life. You were loved."

Michael and Naomi worked together on 2010 TV series 'Running Wilde'.

The costume designer was born in Ireland but lived in both Kenya and Toronto, Canada while he was growing up and spent time in both New York and London during his adult life.

He broke into Hollywood working on Ang Lee's 1993 film 'The Wedding Banquet' and went on to score credits on films including 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding', ' We Own the Night', 'All Good Things' , 'Party Girl' and 'The Wackness'.

Michael also worked in TV on shows such as 'Kidnapped', 'Drop Dead Diva' , 'Blue Bloods' and 'Ray Donovan'. His final credit was for the sixth season of the Liev Schreiber show.

Speaking to Vogue magazine back in 2020, Michael revealed he was most proud of his work on Parker Posey's 1995 film 'Party Girl'. saying: "I’ve done a lot of films, and people sometimes say to me, ‘What have you done that I may have seen?’ It’s always a tough question to answer because you don’t want to just start reeling off your resumé. But if everything else fails, when I’ve listed a few and they haven’t seen them, I say 'Party Girl', and they say, ‘Oh my god, I love 'Party Girl'!’ It still seems to hit a chord."