The Alfie star, who has been married to his wife Shakira since 1973, insists he is never tempted by beautiful women in the movie industry.

Caine divulged that many actors believe infidelities do not count if they occur while working on location, but he has never lived by that rule as Shakira is always a member of his entourage.

He tells Britain's Daily Mail newspaper, "In this business, you're surrounded by beautiful women - but I've got one at home. I've got one of the most beautiful ones I've ever seen, so I've never been tempted to stray. We also pre-empted any of that kind of danger because I never went on location without her. Going on location, where there are beautiful leading ladies - or temptations elsewhere - is a killer. Among actors they say: 'Well, location doesn't count.' I never went with that saying, because I never went on location without her. Simple."

Caine was previously married to actress Patricia Haines from 1955 to 1962.