Dexter has always had some of the most attached fans of any television series, but the love was even more apparent during the cast’s emotional goodbyes at the show’s Comic-Con panel this year. "Everything is a series of lasts." "We're going out the way we want to go out." Those are the words of stars Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter in the farewell video that opened Dexter's final session at the massive entertainment convention. Not only did the show’s current stars say their goodbyes and thank-yous to the roaring crowd, but the panel even featured some favorite Dexter characters, left behind over the years. Hall H played host to an emotional reunion, featuring showrunner Clyde Phillips, Lauren Velez (LaGuerta), Erik King (Doakes) and Julie Benz (Rita), according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Dexter Cast, Showtime Wrap Party
The cast of Dexter celebrated wrapping the final season.

During the talk, John Lithgow, who played one of Dexter’s most chilling antagonists – the Trinity killer – also made an appearance, bringing quite a lighthearted note to the talk – especially for a famed serial killer.

"I wish I could be with you all today but as you know, I'm dead,” Lithgow quipped during the pre-recorded segment. “Not a day goes by where someone doesn't recognize me as a psychopath, I thank you for that."

John Lithgow, LAFF
John Lithgow breathed life into one of the most iconic TV villains.

Everyone seemed in disbelief that after eight seasons, the story of Dexter Morgan was truly finished. Michael C Hall noted that, while he hasn’t had any trouble coping so far “"our bodies, five months from now, will start knocking at the door wondering why we're not doing Dexter again."

"There's some unconscious part of us that hasn't accepted or recognized it yet," Hall continued. "Five or six months from now, there will be some wave of something we'll all experience." He might have a point, but we can bet that this will be nothing, compared to the withdrawal symptoms of Dexter fans.

Michael C Hall, Showtime Emmy Reception
Goodbye, Dexter Morgan.