Dexter returned for the last time last night, with the hit Showtime drama returning for it's eighth and final season. Being that it was such a momentous occasion, Showtime made the latest episode of the hit serial killer drama available for all, for free, by uploading the episode to YouTube. You can watch the full episode at the bottom of the page or just read the round-up, which obviously contains spoilers.

Michael C Hall Dexter
Michael C. Hall is back as Dexter

In his return, things seem to be turning out for Dexter at last and dare we say his life in 'normal' in Miami. He is back seeing women, gotten the bowling team back together and Harrison seems to be a natural at soccer as the recreational serial killer has found solace in himself six months on from LaGuerta's death. Dexter is becoming more human and returning to normal life, but as we know things are bound to take a turn for the unexpected and drag Dex back into his old, anti-hero lifestyle.

Showing up late (and with Harrison in tow) to a memorial service held by the Miami Metro team as they dedicate a bench in LaGuerta's name, we find out that no only has Debra decided not to show up, but she's also left the force behind for good - leaving for lunch one day and never returning. Batista on the other hand hasn't gone anywhere and appears to be back a work for the Miami Metro and he, seemingly like everyone else, has bought the story that LaGuerta got himself killed by pursuing Estrada.

Surrounding himself with all of Deb's things, including - we assume - THAT video of Deb at the gas station, Basta has some way to go til he is ok but tell everyone otherwise. As for Deb, she has spiralled into a dark corner and now working as a PI, we find her smoking, snorting coke and swigging tequila in a seedy motel with mobster Andrew Briggs, the man she is supposed to be investigating. Full of contempt for her brother and what he put her through last season, Deb is on a destructive path and stays clear of Dex, but still wants to catch bad guys, at least when she's sober. Dex is happy to give her her space but when he finds out that Briggs is working in cahoots with the notorious 'El Sapo' Dexter has to get involved again.

Dexter Season 8 Premiere
returns to Showtime on Sunday nights at 9 pm ET/PT.

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Knowing Sapo is heading to the motel with a hit on Briggs' name, Dex rushes to save his sister, with Harrison in tow still (which is really just poor parenting) and kill Briggs before Sapo can. Our first kill of the season might not have earned Dex any points in Deb's good book, but at least she's safe for now. But as the two continue to push away from each other it becomes clear that they rely on each other more than they would like to admit and having already seen Deb's erratic behaviour, Dex's own unusual behaviour begins to come to the fore and he seems incredibly high strung, even snapping at Harrison when he's squeaking his chair.

There was some loving happening in the episode, with Jamie and Quinn getting involved in a secret relationship, not wanting to let the still-fragile Batista find out his sister is in a relationship. Batista may even have some chemistry brewing with fellow Detective Angie Miller, but he's too busy trying to give away his dead wife's old clothes to notice. There was also a newcomer to the show in the shape of Dr. Evelyn Vogel (Charlotte Rampling), an expert neurosurgeon who lends her expertise when a body washes up on the Miami shore with half a brain. The sparks seem to fly between her and Dexter, but what really is interesting is how she know about his code. How and why you ask; we don't really know either.

Dexter returns to Showtime on Sunday nights at 9 pm ET/PT.