Television viewers will have to cope with yet another series being killed off this weekend, the upcoming finale of Breaking Bad has left many bereft with the possibility of having nothing to watch on a Sunday night. Dexter has already been laid to rest after the finale aired on Sunday 22nd September.

Michael C. Hall
Michael C. Hall at the premiere of Dexter season 8.

Here's a quick recap -Spoilers included so beware!

Dexter finished with a round of death, keeping in fashion with the show's primary theme. Dexter (Michael C. Hall) took Deb (Jennifer Carpenter) off life support after she suffered a stroke caused by a blood clot; threw her body in the ocean and sailed into an approaching hurricane. The writers decided not to leave fans to decide the fate of everyone's favourite serial killer for themselves, instead they showed Dexter surviving the hurricane and living to kill another day - becoming a lumberjack and living in the woods somewhere. 

Michael C Hall
Michael C. Hall, Jennifer Carpenter and David Nevins at the celebration of 8 seasons of Dexter.

Sadly for writers of the hit Showtime series, fans are not happy with the finale. Fans, according to the LA Times, thought the ending was mediocre and were horrified by the concept of Dexter leading a new life as a lumberjack. Producers of the show, according to an interview on EW's website, claimed that Dexter's new career acted as a "self-imposed prison", where "if other people were around he would make no contact and not talk to anyone." The producers have also attempted to defend the last episode by claiming "killing him [Dexter] would be too easy" and that they had to find a way to "exile" him. 

The show may have disappointed fans but that did not prevent them from tuning in to Showtime in record numbers. Around 2.8 million viewers watched the finale, up from 2.7 million viewers who watched the season 7 finale. 

Jennifer Carpenter
Jennifer Carpenter at the Dexter season 8 celebration.