It's official! Showtime has officially announced that the upcoming eighth season of Dexter will be the last. We're been pretty sure of this for a while, though the network has taken its time to set it in stone. News of the final season came after CBS boss Leslie Moonves told investors in March that the show would end its run this year.

The news comes as a new two minute clip from the eighth season is released online, featuring C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter. In the clip, Deb is avoiding her brother and is shutting everyone else out as she claims to be working a case. "My life is none of your business," she tells him. "Do you want to know why I'm not returning your calls? It's because I don't want to talk to you and I really don't want to f---ing see you. Why? Because you made me compromise everything about myself that I care about. And I hate you for it. I shot the wrong person in that trailer."

Executive producer Scott Buck had unofficially announced the end of the series back in December, following the shock season-seven finale. At the time, he told the Hollywood Reporter, "We are absolutely writing it with an end in sight, but if we get told otherwise somewhere along the way, we'll take it in a different direction. But we are definitely working toward the finale of the series. We are indeed, yes."

Dexter has won four Emmys and two Golden Globes. Hall picked up 10 globe nominations.