'Transformers: Age of Extinction' has claimed over $100 million in North American ticket sales alone for its opening weekend. Paramount Pictures said on Monday that Michael Bay's big budget epic sold $100,038,390 of tickets in the U.S and Canada from its debut Thursday through Sunday.

Transformers Age of ExtinctionTransformers: Age of Extinction

If you haven't checked out the reviews yet: the latest Transformers movie bombed with the critics. It holds just 16% on Rotten Tomatoes after a slew of reviews.

"Bay has said that this film will kick off a second trilogy of Transformers movies - and I think he's serious. That means there will be (at least) two more of these things. God help us all," said Chris Nashawaty of Entertainment Weekly.

"The movie's crammed with useless nuts and bolts, the storytelling equivalent of a mechanic who lifts the hood of your car and says, "That's everything, fix it yourself."" Said Amy Nicholson of the Los Angeles Times.

Transformers Age of ExtinctionTransformers: Age of Extinction is in profit.

"Why are we here? What is the purpose of life on earth? And why are alien robots so hellbent on impersonating our automobiles?" said Tom Shone of the Guardian.

Age of Extinction has already blown away its sizable $210 million budget, taking $320 million worldwide. The film grossed $201 million from 37 foreign markets. It took $30 million on its opening day in China and $10 million in Australia. 

Transformers Age of Extinction has now surpassed both Godzilla and The Amazing Spider Man 2 as the biggest movie opening of 2014 in the U.S.

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