Most of these movies feature actors, actresses and filmmakers who really should have known better. None of them are easy to watch...

John Krasinski in 13 Hours

10. 13 Hours - Michael Bay's bombastic filmmaking style may have seemed like the perfect fit for this rah-rah Benghazi dramatisation. But this is a loud, silly thriller that completely misses the point.

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Tom Hiddleston in I Saw The Light

9. I Saw The Light - Biopics rarely get it this wrong. Tom Hiddleston is excellent as music legend Hank Williams, but the film is so choppy that it never says anything about the man.

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Travis Fimmel in Warcraft

8. Warcraft - There's clearly a lot of passion in this adaptation of the beloved gaming universe, but this movie never manages to make sense of the characters or settings.

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London Has Fallen

7. London Has Fallen - Over-serious stupid movies can be unintentionally amusing (see Olympus Has Fallen), but this convoluted celebration of machismo is just annoying.

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Adam Devine and Zac Efron in Mike And Dave Need Wedding Dates

6. Mike And Dave Need Wedding Dates - The terrific cast clearly had a lot of fun filming this sassy comedy in Hawaii, unaware that they were making an unfunny, unsexy mess.

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Billy Bob Thornton in Bad Santa 2

5. Bad Santa 2 - We waited 13 years for Billy Bob Thornton to return to his beloved foul-mouthed Father Christmas, but this sequel's abrasive script completely misses the point.

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4. Stonewall - The story of the dawn of the gay rights movement deserves to be told, but this clunky mess is little more than a mash-up of cliches and trite moralising.

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Ride Along 2

3. Ride Along 2 - In a year of terrible sequels, this one was somehow even lazier than the dire 2014 original. The plot falls apart instantly, and not even Kevin Hart can rescue it.

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Tom Hanks and Felicity Jones in Inferno

2. Inferno - This Da Vinci Code follow-up was hopelessly lacklustre. The plot never gets going, the pacing is limp, and Tom Hanks looks like he's likely to fall asleep at any moment.

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Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Bell in The Boss

1. The Boss - When she's in an ensemble (Ghostbusters), Melissa McCarthy is hilarious. But on her own (Tammy), she can be painfully abrasive. This might be her least funny movie yet.

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And here are the five most disappointing films of the year: Suicide Squad (what should have been a lively romp was a too-dark slog), The Light Between Oceans (pretty but dull waste of a talented cast), X-Men: Apocalypse (a frustratingly simplistic climax for this series), Grimsby (in which Sacha Baron Cohen's schtick ran out of laughs), Independence Day: Resurgence (a long-awaited sequel that offered nothing new).