The former Strike It Lucky game show host was arrested in 2007, years after Stuart Lubbock, 31, was discovered floating in the pool at Barrymore's then-home in Hertfordshire, England after a party.

The victim had ecstasy, cocaine and alcohol in his blood and was found to have suffered injuries consistent with sexual assault.

Barrymore was cleared of involvement in his death, but the scandal torpedoed his career and he ended up jobless, bankrupt and battling alcohol addiction.

He has now issued a writ against Essex Police in England, seeking damages for harm to his reputation and career, which has never recovered.

Lubbock's father Terry, who has campaigned for years for justice over his son's death, confirmed the news and added, "I am totally disgusted by this and I can't believe the audacity of Barrymore. Perhaps one good thing will be if someone feels the same way I do and comes forward with new information about my son Stuart's death... I will never give up fighting for justice for my son."

An Essex Police spokesman says, "As civil proceedings are currently ongoing it would be inappropriate for Essex Police to comment."