Michael Barrymore has announced that he is planning his TV comeback. Talking to Basildon radio station Gateway 97.8, Michael Barrymore said that he is working on a new show called 'Rolling The DICe'.

Whilst he did not reveal too many details over the project, Barrymore described it as an 'adventure show' and said: 'I'm actually working on a TV pilot. It's about people's selfishness.' Barrymore also further divulged that he was writing a new screenplay called 'Billy Likely', which would be based in a caravan park. Talking about recent TV trends in reality TV and his inspirations from Monty Python, Barrymore stated: 'It's just adjusting to what it is. From a performance point of view, I've done stuff that was reality based. It's not the format, it's what you do with it. There were a lot bigger production values in the stuff before. We had huge budgets. But it's all relative. Python influenced me that you could do odd things onstage and go off on tangents. It was mostly written by Cleese, one of my heroes, who I've got to know over the last few years.'

It has been recently reported that David Walliams will be portraying Barrymore in a new drama about Barrymore's highs and lows in his 30-year career. The show will be a four-part drama, scheduled to air later this year.