M.I.A is refusing to bow down to the NFL who has taken legal action against the British born singer. The NFL is suing the singer after she showed her middle finger to the camera whilst performing at the Super Bowl last year. M.I.A joined Madonna on stage along with Nicki Minaj at the 2012 Super Bowl, when the incident occurred. 

M.I.A performing in Toronto.

M.I.A described the incident as "completely ridiculous" and "boring" as she has simply heard enough about it. She continues, in her video, to describe why she showed her middle finger to the cameras whilst performing at the NFL Super Bowl half time show last year. 

In an attempt to compare her actions on a wider level, she questioned what was more disgusting the "sexual exploitation" of women or swearing. Her irritation stems from her disgust that a group of background dancers (dressed as cheer leaders), all under the age of 16, were posing in a "sexually provocative position." M.I.A. continued by querying the double standards of the American viewing audience and the NFL, asking "Is my middle finger offensive or is an under aged black girl standing with her legs open more offensive to the family audience?"

Watch M.I.A's video statement:

She continued by claiming that the NFL's decision to sue was merely "a massive display of how powerful corporation d*ck shaking." Furthermore, M.I.A claimed that the whole thing was "a massive waste of time" and "a massive waste of money." M.I.A and the NFL may both be wrong in this situation, but M.I.A's use of pseudo-feminism is not acceptable in any domain, she even claimed she was displaying "female empowerment by being punk rock."

M.I.A posing in London at the BFI Film Festival.

M.I.A at the Times 100 Most Influential People in the World in 2009.