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22nd November 2013

Fact: Johnny Depp and Mia Wasikowska are teaming up again for a sequel to Alice In Wonderland. The new film has been added to Disney's slate of blockbusters scheduled for release in 2016. The project will be directed by James Bobin.

6th June 2013

Fact: Mia Wasikowska has reportedly emerged as the favourite to step in and replace Emma Stone in horror movie Crimson Peak. The Amazing Spider-Man star quit director Guillermo Del Toro's haunted house film last month (May13), and now the Alice in Wonderland actress is in talks to join Jessica Chastain, Benedict Cumberbatch and Charlie Hunnam in the creepy movie, which is set to start filming early next year (14).

1st April 2012

Fact: The Kids Are Alright star Mia Wasikowska has signed up to play the leading lady in a movie adaptation of Gustave Flaubert's literary classic Madame Bovary.

30th March 2011

Quote: "When I'm at premieres, however, I can't wait to get home and put on my baggy pants. The glamour of Hollywood is such a myth. I can't help worrying that I'll trip on my heels, or that my make-up is smudging all over my face." Alice in Wonderland star Mia Wasikowska can't enjoy herself at film premieres.

25th March 2011

Quote: "I would love to play a villain. I'll have to learn to seem more diabolical." Alice In Wonderland star Mia Wasikowska wants to ditch her sweet persona to play a movie baddie.

24th March 2011

Quote: "Now, having done Jane Eyre, I realise the Alice corsets were sissy corsets. The corsets I wore in Jane Eyre were incredibly painful... With a corset on, you can't breathe properly." Alice In Wonderland actress Mia Wasikowska learned the true meaning of suffering for your art while filming new period drama Jane Eyre.

1st July 2010

Quote: "I still live in Australia at the moment but I spend a lot of time here (in America). No plans (to move) at the moment, but we'll see." ALICE IN WONDERLAND star Mia Wasikowska has no intention of relocating from her native Australia to America to boost her budding Hollywood career.

3rd February 2010

Quote: "I thought, 'Oh, what's the point? I'm much too old to start acting. Everybody who is an actor has been acting since they were three.'" ALICE IN WONDERLAND star Mia Wasikowska on launching her career at the age of 14.

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