Model-turned-author Mia Tyler had no idea actress Liv Tyler was her half-sister when the pair first met at an Aerosmith concert.
Neither girl had been told of the other's existence, but they instinctively knew they were connected in some way after meeting backstage at one of their father Steve Tyler's shows.
Mia, who was eight at the time, recalls, "There was this girl who looked like me. I went home that night and I couldn't stop talking about her, and my mom was like, 'Wait a minute...' and I think she started putting two and two together and she was like, 'That's your sister.'"
The Tyler sisters have been inseparable ever since, and are now helping each other cope with single life - divorced Mia recently split from fiance Brian Harrah, while Liv is going through a divorce with rocker Royston Langdon.
Mia says, "She's going through a divorce and I've been divorced so it's a lot of adult conversations."