Review of LateNightTales Album by MGMT


The Late Night Tales concept is simple - Artists are asked to put together a collection of tracks that represent their own late night selection. Snow Patrol, Jamiroquai, and The Flaming Lips are just a few of the artists who were chosen and now MGMT follow in their footsteps to make the 25th compilation.

Like spilling the minds of the MGMT duo into a compilation, it's a rare insight into what their own work may have stemmed from.

It's not a particularly upbeat selection but that's what Late Night Tales is all about. That time of the day when you have free time to think and get lost in your own thoughts with.

Perhaps the most enjoyable feature here is the seamless blur between genres. MGMT themselves are a mixture of sounds and concepts, so it comes as no surprise to hear such a mix. What could be classed as alternative rock, shoegaze, and a bit of folk run throughout an eighteen track MGMT experience.

With highlights such as 'Pink Frost' by The Chills, and 'Lord Can You Hear Me' from Spacemen 3, this compilation combines tracks you will not hear all in one place anywhere else.

There is of course the trademark cover track, and spoken word to complete the Late Night Tales template. MGMT chose a Bauhaus cover of 'All We Ever Wanted Was Everything'. This edition is yet another take on musical tastes and influences. In some senses beautiful, and others sombre, it certainly fulfils the initial task.

Laura Johnstone

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