Rapper Method Man caused a lot of trouble as a teen, but his most mischievous venture to date was smoking his mother's drugs. The hip-hop star admits he decided to indulge in some of his parent's narcotics, because he thought it was cool.

He tells FHM, "When I was 17 (I) tapped my mom's reefer. She used to send me to the weed spot because I never liked my mom going down there alone. I put some crack in that b***h, and smoked it up. She was p***ed.

"I used to smoke woolahs when I was younger, man - crack and weed. It ain't fly. But back then even the Beastie Boys were rapping about smoking the woolahs.

"Then you saw the effects crack was having on people, and everybody knew, oh, this ain't the drug for us."

13/07/2004 20:53