Nathan Sellers claimed his former flame Lia Palmquist had spent the night partying with the Wu-Tang Clan posse and he accused her of sleeping with each member during an episode of U.S. show Divorce Court, which aired last week (10Apr15).

Palmquist, who was actually in court accusing her ex of giving her bed bugs, insisted she had not been unfaithful, and now Method Man has backed up her story by denying Sellers' claims via Instagram.

He writes, "That s**ts fake I would've remembered her... I would've spotted her and said which one of u b**ches brought the chaperone... She's clearly an old-er thot (urban slang for 'whore')... and should know better with her old a**."

The rap collective's manager Simon Green has also addressed Sellers' claims, telling Britain's The Mirror newspaper, "The Wu-Tang Clan are polite and well mannered boys and sometimes girls mistake signals as friendliness. I have a general rule - no girls on the bus unless they want to talk about music, politics or chess."

During her appearance on Divorce Court, Palmquist told TV judge Lynn Toler she "met Wu-Tang, I got on their tour bus, I went back to the hotel and I was just hanging out all night. And it was amazing".

She added, "We were not doing anything but talking, politicking."