Meryl Streep feels very lucky to have a successful marriage.

The 66-year-old actress has been married to sculptor Don Gummer for over 30 years and admits she doesn't know the secret to a happy relationship but is just relieved that they have one.

She said: ''I feel very lucky and I don't know what I did right. I do know many, many people who are still married to the person they originally married. I know lots of long marriages. My husband himself is divorced. He divorced at 21 after being married for one year.

''Everyone has a life and I don't think there is any prescription I could give for how to do it. I was just fortunate to find a good man.''

Meryl also admitted that being an actress allowed her to spend more time with her family than if she had a regular job.

She told YOU Magazine: ''I have more time with my kids than people who have a desk job and have two weeks off every year. So I have no illusions that I had a little bit of an easier time, because if a movie took six months to make, I wouldn't work then for another six months and so I would be at home.''

Meryl's daughter Mamie split from her husband Benjamin Walker two years ago and Meryl says being such a close family helped the younger actress get through it.

She said: ''We are a fairly close family and Mamie has something I never had growing up which is two sisters. To see these girls together, they are so deep into each other's lives and Mamie's two sisters were on either side of her, supporting her. Ultimately I think it turned out for the better.''