Meryl Streep is the one actress Danny Wallace would want to play the role of a hot dog seller in a film adaptation of 'I Can't Believe You Just Said That'.

The 40-year-old filmmaker recently released the text, which details passive aggressive tweets and comments that have made his ears prick up, including the moment he was thrown out of a diner for ordering a hot dog.

And if the recent book was to be turned into a movie, the author would want the 68-year-old actress to be cast as the waitress.

He told Metro newspaper: ''Meryl Streep, She could channel the fury - there was a lot of fury there.''

However, Danny has revealed he never intended to write a book, but his 200-word rant on TripAdvisor rapidly spiraled into an ''85,000-word'' published book.

He explained: ''We have rules in society we all stick to and when someone breaks those rules and doesn't give you the hot dog you've paid for and is then so rude to you that it leaves you confused, you don't know what to do. So I did a TripAdvisor review that went from 200 words to an 85,000 word book. Maybe I went a bit far. It's the furthest I've gone to win an argument.''