Mena Suvari lost her virginity to a ''real loser''.

The 33-year-old actress - who is twice divorced - admits her first experience of sex was not an enjoyable one and she was glad when she eventually found a good boyfriend who helped build up her confidence levels.

She said: ''I was 16 and suddenly things started to happen. I had a couple of parts in movies and was still keeping my education going at high school.

''I also got myself a great boyfriend and he helped my confidence. I had lost my virginity about a year before to a real loser and it was a bad experience. Those are the sort of moments we all wish we could have again.''

Her teenage years were not an enjoyable time for 'The Knot' actress, as she claims she was regularly the victim of bullying by her fellow pupils and she didn't even attend her own high school prom.

She told The Sun newspaper: ''I had to put up with bullying at school. My mom told me just to be myself and not change who I was to fit in. I was tempted but she said by being myself I did not have to pretend.

''Nobody asked me to dances, I didn't go the school prom and I was not a cheerleader. But with mom's support, I did hold on to my confidence.''