Melissa Rivers is becoming ''less tolerant'' like her mother.

The 'Fashion Police' host feels as though she has become more like her late mother Joan Rivers in the 11 months since her death.

When asked how she was like Joan, she shared: ''She always said that I had a much more of a temperament like my father - which, thank God, because one of us had to be calm and sane! I'm very driven just as she was, the humour, the sensitivity ...

''And I've found that in the last ten or eleven months I've become more like her in that I am less tolerant! I've had a couple of those moments where I've gone, 'Oh dear God, I've become her' ... which is every child's nightmare!''

And the 47-year-old television personality and producer has insisted their mother-daughter relationship was entirely ''normal'' despite living life in the showbiz spotlight.

Speaking on ITV's This Morning, she added: ''There were ups and downs and conflict and being the best of friends, the biggest and best teammates, as well as wanting to throttle each other half the time!

''I think that's what people really responded to with all of our work on the red carpet, 'Fashion Police' and the reality show, how truly normal our relationship was and something in it that everyone can relate to.''