The trailer has been released for the new comedy from Melissa McCarthy, Tammy. The actress, who is known for her side-splitting roles in comedies like Bridesmaids and The Heat, stages centre-stage in her own comedy, which she wrote and is directed by her husband, Ben Falcone.

Melissa McCarthy
Melissa McCarthy Is The Star Of The Show In New Comedy, 'Tammy.'

The new film sees the 43 year-old actress team up with Susan Sarandon, who plays her grandmother, Pearl. The trailer shows McCarthy as Tammy gearing up to rob a fast food restaurant by pulling gangster poses and expressions to the sound of Coolio's 'Gangster Paradise' to get her pumped up for the crime.

Watch The New 'Tammy' Trailer:

Disguising her hand as a gun under a paper bag, Melissa wears another bag over her head and proceeds to hold up the eatery. After several failed attempts to vault over the counter, she demands that the two employees - an elderly man and a young girl - give her a bag of cash and "some of those good pies."

After somehow managing to pull off the unlikely robbery, the now-fugitive Tammy hits the road with her grandmother and heads to Niagara Falls. However, the pair must work hard to evade the police, getting caught up in many hilariously outrageous situations along the way.

Susan Sarandon
'Thelma & Louise' Star Susan Sarandon Takes On New Crime In 'Tammy.'

Even the trailer provokes some real chuckles: we're shown one scene where Tammy is captured by police but uses the excuse "there was a bee" to explain trying to bolt when the cops catch her again. We see the actress driving a jet ski, involved in high speed chases, partying in a club, causing explosions, getting soaked by Niagara Falls and recruiting Pearl for an "un-robbing" of the fast food restaurant.

Watch The 'Tammy' Teaser Trailer:

Tammy truly looks like a feel-good summer movie and with McCarthy at the helm, the quality of the laughs and loveableness of the characters are assured. The actress has been criticised for playing very similar roles in each of her films - the loud and loveable, yet slightly dim, larger lady - but she has found her comedy niche and it is her irresistible personality and ability to generate laughs that has earned her fans in Hollywood and worldwide.

Tammy will be released on the 2nd July in the US and on the 4th July in the UK.

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