Melissa McCarthy's husband thought she was ''really scary'' before they dated.

The 'Bridesmaids' actress married her co-star in October 2005, and Ben Falcone has admitted he ''stared at her in horror'' when she was flaunting a wild ''goth'' image in high school.

Speaking on 'Chelsea Lately', he said: ''She was a couple years older than me. She was in college in my hometown where I went to high school [and] she was this goth person.

''She had blue hair and she was really scary. In a good way! Scary and pretty ... I just stared at her in horror.

''She wore kabuki makeup and blue hair and heavy black coats in the summertime. She had a whole thing.''

Ben also claimed the girls he hung out with were jealous of Melissa for being able to ''dress like that'', and he was delighted to end up marrying his high school sweetheart.

He explained: ''I had long bangs and a couple of earrings and 'A Clockwork Orange' shirts and Tevas.

''I had a whole situation...I was light-alt...The girls that I knew were also light-alt, and they would look - they didn't know it was Melissa - and they would say, 'Man, I wish my mom would let me dress like that.'

''So I knew who she was all those years ago and then I married her many years later.''