Director Paul Feig has shared the first picture of the Ghostbusters cast in costume. Feig has been teasing the release of the image for a number of weeks after sharing a number of sneak peeks with his fans on social media. The official image shows actors Melissa McCarthy, Kristin Wiig, Leslie Jones and Kat McKinnon all kitted up and ready to take on the paranormal.

Melissa McCarthyMelissa McCarthy stars in Ghostbusters.

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Feig, who has previously directed such films as Bridesmaids and Spy, shared the image on Twitter on Friday (10th July). He added the hashtag ‘whoyougonnacall’. The picture shows all four Ghostbusters in their ghostbusting gear, including their uniforms, proton packs and new Ecto-1 car. 

Feig has previously shared some other sneak peeks from the film, including the Ghostbusters’ car, but this is the first time he has shared an image of all the cast in their full uniform and with their equipment.  

Although having an all female cast departs from the original, there are still plenty of signs of the first two films within the image. The Ecto-1 car remains very much the same and the uniforms have been given a slight update with orange details but they still evidently belong to the Ghostbusters lasting aesthetic. 

The choice of casting, as all the Ghostbusters are female, continues to split fan opinion. Some are hugely excited for the revamp and seeing Feig’s take on the original concept. However, Feig is constantly battling a wave of criticism from other fans of the franchise. 

Only a few days ago, Feig replied in response to a Twitter user who claimed the film was only made to ‘appease the feminist types’.  Feig called the user up on his remark, writing: ‘Unless it was to feature the funniest people I know, male or female. Which was what the original did.’

The upcoming Ghostbusters film is expected to be released in cinemas in July 2016. 

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