MCCarthy plays a CIA agent who goes undercover in the new action comedy, and during a dinner date with another agent, played by Jude Law, she mistakes a compressed post-meal towel for an edible treat.

Feig admits the scene is based on a true story - because he made the same faux pas during a trip to London.

He says, "That's actually a true story - I was in a restaurant in London and I saw everyone was getting these little discs at the end of the meal and I saw them rising, but then I didn't see what happened so they brought it to our table and they did it, and I was like, 'Oh good, they're marshmallows, I can't wait.' I pick it up to eat and the guy who did it (server) was just staring at me, so I put it in my mouth and I eat it, and I'm chewing it and all this hot and soapy water is going down my throat and I'm like, 'Is this (edible)...?' He goes, 'It's a hand towel.'

"Really? You couldn't have told me before I put it in my mouth? So now it's in the movie!"