Most of these movies feature actors, actresses and filmmakers who really should know better...Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels in Dumb and Dumber To

10) Dumb And Dumber To - After 20 years we had finally forgotten the resolutely unfunny first movie. And now they're back. Sadly, they haven't learned anything about comedy in the interim. Watch the trailer for Dumb and Dumber To here.

Earth To Echo

9) Earth To Echo - While continual elements from E.T., Stand by Me and The Goonies make this sci-fi adventure feel like nostalgic fun, it's actually a poorly written, ineptly constructed mess. Watch the trailer for Earth To Echo here.


8) Plastic - British students plot an elaborate heist in Miami in this badly contrived thriller that looks great but makes no sense at all. Except as a sunny holiday for the cast and crew. Watch the trailer for Plastic here.

Endless Love poster

7) Endless Love - A simplistic script and far-too-earnest tone leave this remake feeling sappy, cliched and painfully predictable. It's little more than a cynical attempt to lure 12-year-old girls into the cinema. Watch the trailer for Endless Love here.

Pudsey The Dog Movie

6) Pudsey The Dog: The Movie - A complete and utter mess of a movie, this barely hangs together on any level. And worst of all is the way it only uses one trick from the Britain's Got Talent winning pooch. Watch the trailer for Pudsey The Dog Movie here.

Arnold Schwarzenegger in Sabotage

5) Sabotage - As in his other film this year (Fury), David Ayer condemns violence while celebrating it. But this story includes a gruesome romance between Arnold Schwarzenegger and poor, brave Olivia WilliamsWatch the trailer for Sabotage here.

Cameron Diaz in Annie

4) Annie - Honestly, Hollywood should know better than to "update" a beloved musical. This shambolic and pointless remake turns catchy songs everyone wants to sing along with into bland pop mush. Watch the trailer for Annie here.

Simon Pegg and Rosamund Pike in Hector and The Search For Happiness

3) Hector And The Search For Happiness - Simon Pegg is usually charming, but never overcomes this film's cloying preachiness. It also defeats Toni Collette, Rosamund Pike and Christopher PlummerWatch the trailer for Hector and The Search For Happiness here.

Bad Johnson poster

2) Bad Johnson - Cam Gigandet may be charming, but this comedy about a man whose penis comes to life and taunts him is so ill-conceived that it makes you worry about the actor's future career.

Melissa McCarthy in Tammy

1) Tammy - It had to happen: Melissa McCarthy has milked her slovenly idiot screen persona to the breaking point. This embarrassingly unfunny action comedy wears out the audience in the first five minutes. Watch the trailer and clips for Tammy here.

And here are the five most disappointing films of the year. The Monuments Men (George Clooney's lacklustre WWII romp); Noah (a bombastic, head-scratchingly nutty retelling of the biblical tale); A Long Way Down (a waste of a decent book and a terrific cast); Men, Women & Children (a misguided attempt to push back against the digital age); Grace of Monaco (poor Nicole Kidman looks lost in this trashy, fake biopic).