Former child star Melissa Joan Hart has become the latest celebrity to consider adoption - because she has always dreamed of having a big family.
The actress is already mum to two young sons - Mason, five, and three-year-old Brady - but she admits she's planning to add more children to her brood.
And Hart tells she is seriously considering adopting a child.
She explains, "I don't know how that's going to happen or exactly where it's going to fall in but I think that maybe when ours are a little bit bigger and I can't have kids anymore maybe then that will be the right time for it.
"My mom had seven children. There's eight in my family in total... I just figure I'm like her and I'm going to want lots of kids and so I figure when I'm done having children then I'll want to have more so I'd love to adopt. I would love to keep going and growing with my family."