Melissa Joan Hart, best known to any fan of 90s teen TV as Sabrina, the Teenage Witch, will reveal details of her more dubious past experiences in her upcoming autobiography Melissa Explains It All.

Melissa Joan Hart
Melissa Joan Hart admits to having experimented with drugs.

Hart may have presented a squeaky clean image whilst starring as Sabrina on the hit ABC (later The WB) show, yet what was really going on in the actress' own life was something quite different. Certain, less wholesome, accounts are included in the book, specifically one incident where Hart took ecstasy, kissed a girl in a limo (shock, horror) and attended her Maxim photo shoot still high, the NY Daily News.

Ectasy is not the only drug Hart admits to taking recreationally, in an interview with Life&Style Hart stated "I experimented with weed, ecstasy, mushrooms and mescaline for about a year and a half." However, on the subject of drug use Hart explained she only participated because she was "running with a bad crowd." She further emphasised "I just didn't enjoy taking drugs. I don't like the loss of control."

Melissa Joan Hart
Melissa Joan Hart with two of her three children, at the premiere of Despicable Me 2.

The 37 year old starred in Sabrina, the Teenage Witch from 1996-2003. Hart had appeared in other shows including Clarissa Explains It All, evidently the inspiration for the title of Hart's autobiography. She later continued appearing in TV comedies such as Melissa & Joey; and films like Drive Me Crazy.

Stardom may have temporarily altered Hart, yet now she's leading a completely different life. Hart resides in Connecticut with her three children and husband of ten years Mark Wilkerson. Hart was not always so romantically settled as her relationships, during her time as Sabrina, included Nick Carter (of the Backstreet Boys) and actor Jerry O'Connell. The latter, who is best known for starring in Sliders and My Secret Identity, Hart described as "man-whore", according to USA Today. Hart has not held back on other contemporary stars, including Ashton Kutcher with whom she "didn't get along" owing to his "smart-ass remarks."

Hart's book, Melissa Explains It All, is due to be released on October 29th.

Melissa Joan Hart and Mark Wilkerson
Melissa Joan Hart with her husband of ten years Mark Wilkerson.