Melanie C says the Spice Girls are ''constantly'' talking about going on tour.

The iconic girl group reunited for a tour last year and they've subsequently discussed the possibility of heading out on the road again - but Melanie has warned fans they shouldn't hold their breath.

The 46-year-old pop star said: ''Trust me, it's a miracle we ever do anything, because we're impossible, but when we do, it's like the stars align and magic happens.''

Melanie reunited with Mel B, Emma Bunton and Geri Horner for their money-spinning tour in 2019.

However, Victoria Beckham opted not to join them on the road, and Melanie admitted that her absence left a ''bittersweet'' feeling.

She told the BBC: ''Not having Victoria on stage last year, you know, it was bittersweet. The shows were phenomenal but there was someone missing.''

Melanie also thinks the band made a mistake in not filming their shows.

She said: ''We shied away from having a DVD, because people came from all over the world and they saved and they spent all this money to see us, so there's part of you that wants it to be a unique experience, this magical moment in time.

''But so many people have been upset about it - and we are too, actually, because it'd be lovely just to look back and enjoy it all over again. So hopefully, if we get our act together, we'll make another time to get up there and get it recorded properly.''

Despite this, Melanie still relished the experience of reuniting with the group.

She shared: ''Being on stage with the girls made me feel so buoyant and so positive. We didn't really get the whole legacy and the impact until last year.''