Melanie C and Geri Horner once got escorted off stage at a Blur gig.

Sporty Spice - who was linked to the 'Song 2' group's frontman Damon Albarn in 1997 - has recalled the time she and Ginger Spice jumped on stage at the band's gig at the now-defunct Astoria venue in London.

The 'Blame It On Me' singer teased that she has ''so many funny Blur stories'' from back in the day and also recalled the time Geri, herself and their bandmate Mel B (Scary Spice) were in the mosh pit for Damon and co's Mile End Stadium gig in 1995.

In an interview with The Line of Best Fit, in which she revealed Blur's 'Bank Holiday' is one of her favourite tracks, Melanie said: ''I'm a massive Blur fan and I've seen them so many times.

''I love all of their albums but 'Parklife' is amazing, and it came out when the Spice Girls had just got together.

''I've got so many funny Blur stories.

''They did this big gig at Mile End stadium, and it was before we had released anything, but we must have been signed because we got some free tickets.

''So me, Geri and Melanie B went, even though they aren't into this kind of music at all.

''It was an incredible feeling, being in the mosh pit, then coming out because we needed air and feeling like the crowd of people was never going to stop. That was my first experience seeing them live.''

The 46-year-old pop star and Geri, 47, got in ''trouble'' for jumping on the stage, but Damon, 52, later told them he would've let them stay on if he'd have known it was them at the time.

On her second Blur gig, Melanie added: ''Then in 1997, me and Geri jumped onstage with them at the Astoria, but we got scooped up by the security guards.

''Afterwards Damon said if he knew it was us two, he would have let us stay on.

''We got in trouble for doing it but we're Spice Girls, we have to be naughty sometimes!''