British singer Melanie Chisholm is convinced friends are finding her "boring" as she prepares to star in a new U.K. production of Jesus Christ Superstar, because she insists on early nights and vocal rest to ensure she's on form for the show.
The former Spice Girls star will play Mary Magdalene when the production debuts in London in September (12), and she is doing all she can to stay healthy for the gruelling run.
She tells Scotland's Daily Record newspaper, "I really need to be eating properly, getting plenty of sleep, not drinking too much alcohol, not talking too much. It's tiring for the vocal cords.
"You need to warm up properly. It's all textbook stuff. You have to be a bit boring, especially in productions as big as this, when people are paying good money to see you. You have to be at your best. You can't take it for granted."
Chisholm is also helping Andrew Lloyd Webber find the perfect leading man to star as Jesus on U.K. reality show Superstar.