Melanie C was once pelted by a Weetabix when she performed at the V Festival.

The Spice Girls star - whose real name is Melanie Chisholm - is confused how someone could “throw” the wheat-based breakfast cereal but recalled being the victim of one during one her solo performances in 1999 at the event which was less “pop friendly” at the time.

While speaking to Jools Holland and Jim Moir on their ‘Joyride’ podcast on Wednesday (19.10.2022), the 48-year-old singer - who is also known as Sporty Spice - said: “One of my first gigs as a solo artist was V 99, and I'd made this album, my first solo record and couldn't wait to get out there with my band. I think I was a little bit naïve and at the time... I think V Festival became quite pop friendly through the years, but back then I think I went on after Faithless. And Manic Street Preachers were headlining so it was quite a strange line-up and I was positioned really weirdly within it. I had bottles of things thrown, and in my memory there's even Weetabix. I don't know how you throw it because they're quite light, but it has definitely stuck in my memory!”

Last week, Melanie teased that she and Melanie Brown (Scary Spice) were “gung go” to reunite with her fellow girl group band mates Emma Bunton (Baby Spice) and Geri Horner (Ginger Spice) after they hit the road in 2019 without Victoria Beckham (Posh Spice), who is focusing on her eponymous high-end fashion line

She said: "That'd be the dream. It's something we're discussing, we're just trying to get it all into shape.”

“Both Mel B and I are very gung ho for getting this show on the road, and I'm sure it will happen at some point. It's just making sure it's right for everybody at the right time."